Is Boeing still producing the 747?

Is Boeing still producing the 747?

Boeing has announced that production of the iconic 747 will come to an end in 2022 as dwindling customer demand and low sales for its latest variant became the final nail in the coffin for the aging plane line. The 747 was the first quad-jet engine and dual-level passenger aircraft to roam the skies.

Why is the 747 being discontinued?

The global COVID-19 pandemic hastened the retirement of many remaining passenger Boeing 747-400s due to a sharp decline in passenger traffic. For instance, KLM retired its Boeing 747-400 Combi and Passenger fleets in March 2020.

How many more 747 will be built?

Boeing’s 747 assembly line is winding down. The aircraft manufacturer only has 12 orders left to fill. When the last jumbo rolls off the assembly line, it will mark the end of an era for an aircraft that’s spanned fifty-plus years.

What will replace the 747 freighter?

While most of these carriers opportunistically pick up aircraft others have removed, Kalitta Air most notably announced in late 2020 that it will become the launch operator of the 777-300ERSF and will eventually use the type to replace its older converted 747-400Fs.

Does anyone fly 747s anymore?

Lufthansa has the largest remaining fleet of passenger 747s and the good news is they have continued to fly a number of them throughout the pandemic. The -400s have been grounded for months and Lufthansa have indicated they won’t fly again, sadly, but several of the 747-8I have seen regular service in recent months.

Who owns the most 747?

Largest operator today Atlas Air takes the crown for the biggest operator of the 747 right now. 40 Queens fly for the New York-based airline, a handful of which are actually passenger aircraft.

Does Boeing still make 747?

Yes, Boeing still makes the 747. The latest model that is currently being manufactured is the 747–8, which is the third generation variant of the venerable airliner. Boeing 747–8 with Lufthansa livery, the airline being its launch customer. This variant has a lengthened fuselage, redesigned wings,…

How many 747 are made?

Production of the 747 began in 1969 and continues to this day, with over 1,500 planes manufactured in several different versions. The Boeing 747-100, the first plane in the series, made its maiden flight in February of 1969, and completed its first commercial flight less than a year later, for Pan American Airlines. Aside from the base model, the Boeing 747-100 was produced in two additional variants: the Boeing 747-100SR (Short Range; featuring more compact fuel tanks but an extended

Is 747 still in service?

There are roughly 900 747’s still in active service. The 747 has been produced in five series. The -100, -200, -300, -400 and -8 series. All of the -100, -200 and all but five -300 series have been retired.

How much does a 747 cost?

The price for the two planes was not specified at the time, but the list price for one 747-8 is $378.5 million, which works out to $757 million for two. But that is only a portion of the $4 billion cost Trump cited.