How much oil does WP 4CS forks take?

How much oil does WP 4CS forks take?

The 4CS is filled not by volume but up to a level. The Alta 4CS oil level spec is 65mm from the top. You measure it with the spring removed and the fork fully bottomed out. The lower chamber needs to be filled completely full and then burped or bled.

How do I adjust my 4c forks?

Adjusting 4CS Fork Oil | How To

  1. Step 2: UNDO FORK CAP. Undo the top fork cap and slide the outer fork tube down so you can access the spring.
  2. Step 3: HOLD THE LOCKNUT.
  3. Step 4: UNSCREW THE CAP.
  4. Step 5: REMOVE SPRING.
  5. Step 6: STEEL YOURSELF.
  6. Step 7: SUCK IT UP.
  7. Step 8: POUR IT IN.
  8. Step 9: TEST RIDE.

What years did KTM use 4CS Forks?

WP 4CS (Four Chamber) forks have been used in KTM European models since 2013. They were in limited U.S. models in 2014 and are on most 2015 KTM full sized dirt bikes. These forks require a special procedure on fork reassembly. The rest is very similar to most modern forks.

How much fork oil do I need?

Slowly squirt 10cc of oil into the forks. It is important to note that as the 10cc of oil goes in, 10cc of air must come out.

How is fork oil capacity measured?

The proper way to measure fork oil is take the springs out, collapse the forks all the way down, then measure how far the oil is down from the top of the fork. If you don’t have a manual, check with your dealer for the correct level down. I run my fork oil 130mm down from the top.

Are WP forks good?

The stock WP AER fork is the best air fork on the market, but still doesn’t have that predictability over the course of a full day of racing/riding. I will find a good setting with the AER fork and it changes slightly throughout the day.

How much does it cost to replace fork seals on a motorcycle?

If you cannot do it yourself, you should take your bike to a qualified bike mechanic to do it for you. Replacing fork seals can cost between $100-200 depending on how many parts need to be replaced.

What should oil height be on 4Cs Fork?

4CS TUNING TIP. For beginner riders or riders who weigh under 80kg, I recommend running an oil height of 100mm but for experienced riders, riders who are riding at higher speeds like desert racing or riders over 80kg then I recommend an oil height of 90mm.

How to rebuild a FK Standard Fork WP 4CS?

DO NOT USE AN IMPACT WRENCH! LOOSEN BY HAND. D8- Remove the compression valve assembly from the bottom of the fork.. D9- Pour out the oil and dispose of properly. D10- Pull the cartridge… D11- from the fork tubes. D12- Gently remove the dust seal with a thin flat head screwdriver. D13- Remove the seal retainer clip with a clip tool (TSCP 01).

How to bleed WP 4CS race Tech suspension?

Bleed the cartridge by gently pumping the damping rod. A25- Once the oil level gets above the large holes in the end of the cartridge it will start to fill the chamber on the outside of the cartridge. A26- Slightly compress and extend the outer fork tube while pouring in oil until the bubbles have stopped.

Where is the rebound on a WP 4CS Fork?

These are on the fork caps. Compression is on the left leg and rebound is on the right. This step is important so the needles are not damaged during reassembly. D2- Loosen the fork cap with this really cool Fork Cap/Comp Assembly Tool (TFCW PS3648) as shown on the left. The cap can also be removed with a TMPS Series pin spanner as shown below.