How much did Emirates pay Jennifer Aniston?

How much did Emirates pay Jennifer Aniston?

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston was paid about $5 milllion to star in the latest global advertising campaign by Dubai airline Emirates, a senior executive has revealed.

What airline did Jennifer Aniston do a commercial for?

Delta has hit out at Jennifer Aniston for appearing in an Emirates ad as it accuses Middle Eastern airlines of ‘trying to take over international commercial aviation. ‘ The Hollywood actress has appeared in a number of adverts for Dubai-based airline Emirates in recent years.

Does Jennifer Aniston fly commercial?

In late 2016 the airline Emirates launched a successful commercial campaign with Jennifer Aniston as the star of the show. The commercial showed how Jen flies and it showcases the absolute luxury and comfort that makes up Emirates.

What does Hello Tomorrow mean?

“The ‘Hello Tomorrow’ campaign is at the vanguard of the trend for global brands to spark movements not simply do advertising, connecting people, communities and encouraging them to join together to make a positive impact on society,” added Goodson.

Does Jennifer Aniston travel by private jet?

Jennifer Aniston’s Private Plane Makes Emergency Landing En Route to 50th Birthday in Mexico: Source. The actress and her friends will wait for a new plane at the airport and continue on their trip to Cabo San Lucas, the source added.

What is the next tagline?

It’s been revealed today that Microsoft will be adopting the tagline: “Be What’s Next.” To us, it’s a rather ambiguous tagline (but not so much as the Xbox 360’s “Jump In”), though it does conjure some kind of forward-thinking attitude.

Does Gucci have a tagline?

Quite a few brands do not use taglines at all. Almost all fashion and fragrance brands do not use slogans. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Zara do use simple phrases in the advertisements, but they speak to the theme of the ad and not the brand.