How do you use a numax battery charger?

How do you use a numax battery charger?

This automatic charger is easy to use and hassle free. Just connect the battery to the charger using the connections provided, and turn it on. The Charger will check the state of the battery and employ the correct charging regime accordingly.

How do you charge a numax leisure battery?

Attach the supplied crocodile clips / capped eyelets to the battery terminals, connect up the charger, switch it on and walk away! Each charger is designed to continuously measure the charging state of the battery and will automatically adjust itself.

What should a 12 volt leisure battery read when fully charged?

The reading should be between 1.1 (discharged) and 1.28 (fully charged). To determine how long the battery can go between charges, check the capacity, which is normally measured in amp hours (Ah).

How do you know when a leisure battery is fully charged?

If you are looking at the control panel straight after plugging in the EHU, then yes, a fully charged battery will register 14.3 volts with a current of 5 amps or so. But if the batteries are already full (charged by the alternator) and the charger senses this, the current will fall back to around 0.5 amp very quickly.

Who makes numax Chargers?

Ecobat Battery Technologies
Ecobat Battery Technologies introduced its Numax brand in 2002 and over the last decade the brand has become a significant player within the automotive sector.

Do I need a special charger for a leisure battery?

Split charge relays don’t fully charge leisure batteries If you rely heavily on charging leisure batteries while driving, a B2B charger is probably essential because it’s the only way the batteries can be fully recharged. Without this, the battery life is negatively affected.

Why does my leisure battery keep going flat?

What would cause your leisure battery to drain? The main causes of battery drain is a faulty leisure battery. The battery may be old, cold or just need to be replaced. A faulty piece of equipment such as the charger or anything connected to the leisure battery could cause a drain.

How long should a leisure battery take to charge?

If you have a 100 amp-hour (Ah) leisure battery and you have used it to 50%, you will need to replace the 50Ah. The alternator delivers 5A to the leisure battery; therefore, it will take 10 hours of driving to recharge the battery. If you’re using the mains charger, then expect a max of 3-4 hours.

At what voltage should I charge my leisure battery?

Charging the leisure battery Many are designed to work at a constant voltage of 13.6, to 13.8 volts. This level is carefully chosen to prevent gassing and possible damage to the battery through overcharging.

What size solar panel do I need to charge a leisure battery?

For example: A 150 Watt Solar Panel receiving 6 hours of sunlight, will supply a leisure battery with 750 Watts or power.

Are numax batteries AGM?

AGM PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Of course, the Numax AGM battery features a Deep-cycle feature. Thus, than a more conventional type of lead-acid batteries. Significantly, this extra power is essential. Especially when it comes to advanced car engine emission systems.