How do I watch a DVD on my Fios TV?

How do I watch a DVD on my Fios TV?

HOW DO YOU WATCH A DVD ON the FIOS TV SETUP? You get a DVD or bluray player and hook it up with an HDMI cable to another input on your TV, then switch the TV to that input. The Fios boxes do not have disc players built in.

How do I connect my DVD player to my cable box?

Attach your cable to your DVD player. Plug the HDMI or s-video cable into the appropriately labeled port on the back of the DVD player. If you’re using an s-video cable, you’ll also need to plug the red and white RCA cables into the red and white ports on the back of the DVD player.

Do I need cable to watch dvds?

You shouldn’t need cable service to connect a DVD player to your TV. How have you attempted to connect the DVD player to the TV? Usually a DVD player is connected via an HDMI cable or composite or component cables. Composite cables have ends that are red, white and yellow.

Can a FiOS DVR record to a DVD?

If you have subscribed to Verizon’s Fios DVR, you can record either live TV or previously recorded materials. Once you’ve connected the DVD Recorder to the DVR using the S-video and stereo jacks on the back of the DVR, you can play previously recorded material on the DVR and record it directly to the DVD Recorder.

How to troubleshoot your Fios set top box?

Sign in to manage & troubleshoot your services. Download the user guide for your Set-top Box or DVR model below for detailed information on activation, features, dimensions, wiring and more. Review energy efficiency information for set-top boxes, DVRs, and small network equipment below.

How long does it take to set up Verizon FiOS?

Sign into My Verizon or the My Fios app to access the self-installation tool from your dashboard. This tool can help with both the installation and activation process. Activation takes approximately 20 minutes.

Do you have to have account for Verizon set top box?

Don’t have an account? As Verizon is a signatory to the Voluntary Agreement for Ongoing Improvement to the Energy Efficiency of Set Top Boxes, below please find the energy usage of Verizon’s STB models procured since January 1, 2014.