How do I get a low number plate in MA?

How do I get a low number plate in MA?

Customers are encouraged to visit the RMV’s website or follow @MassRMV on Twitter for upcoming details on the virtual low plate drawing. The drawing will be live-streamed and a link to the event will be made available soon. In addition, applicants will be sent a notification via email.

What is low plate lottery in mass?

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is holding another drawing for the coveted “low number plates.” Every year or so, the state will conduct a lottery to issue certain old/low plate numbers that they are willing to give out.

What does a low license plate number mean?

Low-digit devotees say the plates are a status symbol: Owners are either important enough to get a plate from politicians, or they come from an important family that got a low-number plate years ago. Massachusetts manufactured the first license plates in 1903, starting with number one, and other states soon followed.

What is the normal license plate type in Massachusetts?

Currently, the Livery plate is the only common license plate in Massachusetts that is allowed to have more than six characters in its serials. All Livery plate serials start with the letters “LV”, even if not stamped.

How do I contact Mass RMV?

  1. RMV Contact Center: 857-368-8000 (from the 339/617/781/857 MA area codes or from outside of MA)
  2. 800-858-3926 (from all other MA area codes) or email [email protected].
  3. The deaf and hard of hearing can call toll free at 877-RMV-TTDD (1-877-768-8833).
  4. Contact Center Hours: Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Who has Massachusetts license plate 1?

If you’d like to have plate number 1, forget it. It was originally issued to Frederick Tudor in 1903, and his family still holds the plate.

Can you transfer license plates to another person in Massachusetts?

If you already own a vehicle or trailer, and buy a new one from a dealer or a used vehicle or trailer from an individual, you can transfer your registration to the new vehicle. Massachusetts allows a grace period of 7 calendar days from the date you dispose of your previous vehicle to register your new one.

How many digits does a license plate have?

Regular-issue license plates for passenger vehicles typically have 5-7 characters, with specialty or vanity plates having up to 8 characters in some states.

How many digits is a Massachusetts license plate?

Massachusetts has two bases in use in several formats. The green on white plate that was issued as a single is still in use in an all numeric six digit style (123-456) and a 3 number/3 letter style from AAA through VZZ.

What do license plate numbers mean?

The two numbers in the middle of your plate identifies how old the car is. All plates issued between March 1 and the end of August will use the same two numbers as the year they are registered. For example, a car registered from March-August 2021 would have “21”.

When do you get a low number license plate in Massachusetts?

Still, if you live in Massachusetts a low number plate still appeals to you, you can enter this year’s lottery until Aug. 27. Winners will be announced by Sept. 15 and contacted by the Registry of Motor Vehicles with instructions on how to transfer their current plates to their coveted low number plates.

Why are there so many low number license plates?

These short plates, such as 277, 6751, and H39, are rather meaningless to most of us, but they are a point of pride and a status symbol for people who have them. They are so popular, in fact, that each year the Registry of Motor Vehicles holds a lottery to assign low number plates that have become available—for an extra fee, of course.

Who is the Registrar of motor vehicles in mass?

MassDOT Registrar of Motor Vehicles Celia J. Blue today announced the availability of applications for the 2014 Low Number License Plate Lottery and called for increased participation in this year’s lottery from all corners of the Commonwealth.

Are there any Washington d.c.low number license plates?

In Washington, D.C., the mayor and city council still hold power over low-number plates. But government officials have mostly stopped handing out license plates as a way of rewarding political friends, according to Richard Dragon, a Warwick, R.I., resident and author of “Registered in R.I.,” a book about license plates.