Did Messi win the 2006 Champions League?

Did Messi win the 2006 Champions League?

How many Champions Leagues has Messi won? Lionel Messi has won four Champions League titles, all with Barcelona. His first medal came in 2006 as the Spanish side won the trophy for the second time in their history. His final Champions League win with Barcelona came in 2015 as they beat Juventus 3-1 in the final.

Where was Champions League Final 2006 held?

Stade de France
2006 UEFA Champions League Final/Location

Who won the 2006 2007 Champions League?

A.C. Milan
2006–07 UEFA Champions League/Champion

Who was the top scorer in 2006 Champions League?

Andriy Shevchenko
The tournament ended with a final between Arsenal and Barcelona at Stade de France, Paris, on 17 May 2006….2005–06 UEFA Champions League.

Tournament details
Goals scored 294 (2.35 per match)
Top scorer(s) Andriy Shevchenko (9 goals)
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How did Liverpool qualify for Champions League in 2006?

As the winners of the 2004–05 UEFA Champions League, Liverpool gained entry an additional entry despite not qualifying through their domestic league position. They were entered into the 1st qualifying round.

Who missed the penalty in the 2005 Champions League final?

The score was 3–2 to Liverpool when Andriy Shevchenko’s penalty was saved by Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek….2005 UEFA Champions League Final.

Match programme cover
Event 2004–05 UEFA Champions League
Weather Clear night 18 °C (64 °F) 78% humidity
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What was the date of the year 2006?

Calendar for Year 2006 (United States) Jan 1 New Year’s Day Jan 2 ‘New Year’s Day’ day off Jan 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Feb 14 Valentine’s Day Feb 20 Presidents’ Day

When was the last leap year in 2006?

Below is our United States 2006 yearly calendar with Federal Holidays highlighted in red and prominent holidays highlighted in blue. Holidays in red denotes Federal Holiday. Year 2006 is a non-leap year, with 365 days. The latest prior leap year occurred in 2004 and the next will be in 2008.

How to view the month calendar for 2006?

Also month calendars in 2006 including week numbers can be viewed at any time by clicking on one of the above months. Additionally you can view also leap years, daylight saving, current moon phase in 2006, moon calendar 2006, world clocks and more by selecting an item in the menu above. See also the 2007 Calendar.