Can you use dadurch with deshalb and deswegen?

Can you use dadurch with deshalb and deswegen?

Is “darum” and “Dadurch” also interchangeable with “Deshalb” and “Deswegen”. darum, deshalb and deswegen are basically all interchangeable. Darum however, is likely to be used more in informal situations compared to the other two. You can think of it as being more like “so” or “that’s why“.

Which is the correct translation of the German word deshalb?

des•halb adv, conj therefore. (=aus diesem Grunde, darüber) because of that. (=dafür) for that. es ist schon spät, deshalb wollen wir anfangen it is late, so let us start. deshalb bin ich hergekommen that is what I came here for, that is why I came here.

Which is an example of a Darum or deshalb?

Darum/Deshalb/Deswegen are synonyms, they developed in different ages and different places, you can use them how you like it. Your example “Mich interessiert die Antwort, weshalb ich diese Frage stelle.” is not a direct question (always with a question mark), it’s an indirect question including the answer.

When do you use the word deswegen in a sentence?

I tend to use “deswegen” as the default an… After reading your book Buddhism Without Beliefs, it was clear to me that you could be seen … The Matrix, part 2 We want to go to the pool, ergo we have to get up early. Has this been er…