Can Sona go mid?

Can Sona go mid?

Yes, its possible and people climbed to challenger OTPing her mid. That being said there are several things to consider: You will have more difficulty csing than other champions since you only have one offensive ability that targets only 2 minions aside from your aa’s.

Does SONA get a rework?

Sona has finally received the rework that Riot had promised for what seems like an internity. The new Sona is very similar to the old Sona: only her Passive, Q and W have received some form of major changes. This rework is more of a mini-rework rather than a full-blown rework like Dr Mundo’s, Graves or Fiddlesticks.

How old is Sona League of Legends?

20 years old
Kai’Sa, Qiyana, Sona, Lux, Orianna, Kayn, Ezreal: 20 years old.

Are Sona changes live?

Sona rework now live on League PBE, will hit live servers next month – Dot Esports.

What tier is Sona?

Optimal (S-tier) = Thresh, Bard, Nami, Sona, Soraka. Great (A-tier) = Rakan, Alistar, Braum, Lulu, Zilean, Amumu, Janna, Karma, Leona, Nautilus, Seraphine, Yuumi.

Is there a midseason 11 Sona guide contest?

It’s time for the Midseason 11 Guide Contest! Create or update guides in the following 5 weeks for the chance to win up to $200 in prizes ! Build Introduction (And about myself) An Extra Additional Note Pros and Cons Abilities IMPORTANT NOTE ON SONA’S ABILITIES!

What’s the best way to play Sona mid?

If you can dodge the skillshots you should be fine as long as you burst him down when possible. This is a nightmare to face against since regardless of if you beat him or not, he’ll just tank your damage late game like it’s nothing. Space aids are annoying and so are the minions due to your squishiness.

What’s the best way to build in Sona?

The best thing to do is to let the waves come to you and have your jungler gank as much as possible or damage your way into a kill range. This isn’t actually as hard of a lane as one might think. Early game, you have much more damage unless he can get in close.

How to play against Yasuo in AP Sona?

Dodge the skillshots and you basically render her useless in lane. If she ults, you ult and dodge. Running into your minions are actually helpful in this moment. Yasuo is difficult to lane against, but only depending on the situation, this is a harder skill matchup leaning to him but you can actually win this if you play it right.