Are SWAT-T tourniquets good?

Are SWAT-T tourniquets good?

The SWAT-T tourniquet is an excellent option for expanding the effectiveness of your trauma kit. It not only gives you the added benefit of carrying an additional tourniquet to stop bleeding, but it can also be used as a pressure dressing, as a way to tie down a splint, or anything else you can think to use it for.

Who makes the SWAT-T?

The SWAT-T was developed by a former Operator/Medic with 14 years experience in Operational Medicine -former USAF Pararescue Journeyman (Para-Jumper or PJ)), Contractor DoJ/FBI SWAT Operations, National Registry Paramedic, and Emergency Medicine Physician. Minimum recommended operating temp.

How long is a SWAT-T tourniquet?

In fact, I had a test volunteer who readily applied the tourniquet to herself using the SWAT (Stretch, Wrap and Tuck) technique. The latex-free rubber tourniquet measures 4″ wide by 50″ length.

Can you put a tourniquet on a child?

Conceptually the two most common of the DOD issued tourniquets, the CAT and SOFT-Wide should work on kids as long as they can adequately circumferentially constrict the limb they are placed on. However, those devices are specified for adult service member limbs, not smaller sized child limbs.

Do SWAT-T tourniquet expire?

In addition, the SWAT-T is one quarter the cost of the Combat Application Tourniquet. It can be used as a tourniquet, a pressure dressing, an occlusive dressing for chest injuries and a splinting wrap. It doesn’t “expire” and can be reused nearly indefinitely in training.

What is the maximum time a tourniquet should be left on?

Tourniquets should generally remain inflated less than 2 hours, with most authors suggesting a maximal time of 1.5 to 2 hours. Techniques such as hourly release of the tourniquet for 10 minutes, cooling of the affected limb, and alternating dual cuffs may reduce the risk of injury.

What does SWAT stand for in school?

SWAT stands for Southwest Area Vocational-Technical (school) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc.

What does SWAT stand for in SWAT units?

The Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) is a law enforcement unit in the US that uses specialized military weapons and tactics to deal with high-risk and emergencies.

What is SWAT short for?

SWAT stands for ‘Storage, Water, Air, Tools’ and it’s a design principle Specialized expands throughout its range – including bikes. Those with the technology feature neat compartments inside the frame which provide additional carrying capacity.