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Will there be a sky wizard Academy Season 2?

Will there be a sky wizard Academy Season 2?

Will the second season of the anime Sky Wizards Academy. Sky Wizards Academy season 2 cancelled or renewed? No official information. According to rumors in 2016 we are waiting for the continuation of the anime series.

Why is Kanata a traitor sky Wizards?

In the start, he basically sacrificed himself to let everyone else escape. It might look as something’s wrong when they call him a traitor. True fact, but actually the first episode has the answer. When he sacrificed himself, that was either somewhere into the future or he did something to acquire his title.

Does Rico like Kanata?

Rico started to get interested in Kanata when she found that both Lecty and Misora had started to trust and rely on him. She was especially curious about him when Lecty says that she knows she can rely on him since he considers them and their training seriously.

Who wins the Mistgun tournament?

Fireteam E601 is announced as the winners of the Mistgun tournament and allowed to stay in school.

Is there season 2 of classroom of the elites?

It is adapted from light novel series which was written by Shogo Kinugasa. It was illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. The anime series Classroom of the Elite has received positive reviews from the audience. The series Classroom of the Elite is not renewed for the second season yet.

What happens in Season 2 of Sky Wizards?

The Season 2 of Sky Wizards Academy. When it comes to the future, the whole mankind has been wiped out from the face of Earth. Only some insect creatures managed to survive and continue to live on the Planet. But people have risen to the skies where they created the enormous flying platforms.

Who are the characters in Sky Wizards Academy Season 2?

And the storyline revolves mostly around two characters, 14-year-old Mysore and Lect Rico. Long awaited Season 2 is still to be discussed. The Diomedéa studio is eagerly anticipated to announce any news on the matter officially.

When did Sky Wizards Academy first come out?

Kusen Madoshi Kohosei no Kyokan or, better known as Sky Wizards Academy, is a light novel series. The series is written by Moroboshi Yu, and it is illustrated by the artist Nakajima Yuka. The light novel started publishing from 2013 to 2017. In the four years, they published fourteen volumes.

Who is the composer of Sky Wizards Academy?

A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Diomedéa aired between July 8, 2015 and September 23, 2015. Two pieces of theme music are used. The opening theme, titled “D.O.B.”, is performed by Iori Nomizu.