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Why did Ste and John Paul split?

Why did Ste and John Paul split?

John Paul tries to support Ste through his addiction but later decides to end their relationship. The pair reconcile and they marry. Their happiness was cut short, when he discovers that not only did Ste impregnate Sinead, he also has HIV.

What happened to John Paul and Craig?

The storyline revolved around John Paul struggling with his sexuality as he fell for best friend, Craig. Craig was written to initially reject John Paul, but “the two students eventually embarked on an affair which explosively came to light during a party to celebrate Craig’s engagement to aspiring model Sarah Barnes”.

Who did John Paul have a kid with Hollyoaks?

John Paul and Craig hired Chloe Chance as their surrogate, but nine months into her pregnancy, Craig split from John Paul and John Paul told Chloe that they no longer wanted the baby. Chloe gave birth to a son on Christmas Day 2012, and John Paul left him outside of 26 Leigh Road, where Jacqui McQueen found him.

Is John Paul from Hollyoaks married?

James Cook (born 31 January 1983), better known as James Sutton, is an English actor, best known for playing John Paul McQueen in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks (2006–2008, 2012–2017, 2019–) and Ryan Lamb in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale (2009 to 2011)….James Sutton (actor)

James Sutton
Spouse(s) Rachael Collin (m. 2018)

How is Sally John Paul’s mum?

In one surprise storyline, Sally is revealed to be the biological parent of John Paul McQueen (James Sutton).

Who is John Paul’s son?

Matthew-Jesus McQueen
He is also the biological father of their son Matthew-Jesus McQueen. Born in 1989, John Paul grew up without a father and was mostly raised by his mother Myra with his five sisters; John Paul would never know his father, who had transitioned into a woman, until later in his life.

Is Sid summer dead?

HOLLYOAKS fans are in shock after Sid Sumner was revealed to be alive. The student – who is played by actor Billy Price in the Channel 4 soap – walked back into the village weeks after he “died”.

Is Sid Sumner dead?

Hollyoaks fans were left speechless tonight, as Sid Sumner (Billy Price) made a shocking return, two weeks after he seemingly met his demise. Sid was stabbed by Victor Brothers (Benjamin O’Mahony) earlier this month and, after losing a lot of blood, he died in Ste Hay’s (Kieron Richardson) arms.