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Who owns Winfield Park?

Who owns Winfield Park?

the Winfield Mutual Housing Corporation
Every one of the approximately 250 buildings in the town is owned by the Winfield Mutual Housing Corporation, which is owned by the residents themselves. It’s enabled them to keep their rents on the town’s 697 units low since the township was founded in 1941, Donahue said.

Is Winfield NJ A good place to live?

Winfield Township is a very inexpensive place to live, and in my opinion, is a great place to live when you are in between the life stage of moving out of your parent’s house and starting a family. Housing in Winfield is small, and doesn’t offer much space.

How big is Winfield NJ?

47 ha

How many acres is Winfield Park NJ?

105 acres
Constructed in 1941, the community is made up of single story, bi-level, intermingled dwellings in a park-like atmosphere. It encompasses 105 acres containing 253 frame buildings housing 697 families. It is immediately located off of exit 136 of the Garden State Parkway.

What is the zip code for Winfield Park New Jersey?

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What city is Linden?

Linden is a city in Genesee County in the U.S. state of Michigan….

Linden, Michigan
Population (2010)
• Total 3,991
• Estimate (2019) 3,939
• Density 1,672.61/sq mi (645.82/km2)

What is the zip code for Carteret New Jersey?

Carteret/Zip codes

Is Linden NJ A good place to live?

Linden is a great place to live. It is nearby other cities like Rahway and Elizabeth. There is a diverse community of people who are kind and respectful. Not only that, Linden also has a train station, which is convenient for those who wish to travel.

What does Linden smell like?

Linden is also called “lime blossom.” It’s a beautifully bright, sunny, sweet, and sharp scent. It’s reminiscent of honey, honeysuckle, and grass. As a perfume note, I think it needs to be balanced by deeper or smoother notes, as its honeyed vibes can tip dangerously into cloying or powdery when not used correctly.

What zip code is 07008?


What is the zip code for Perth Amboy NJ?

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Where is Winfield Township in New Jersey located?

Winfield Township was incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on August 6, 1941, from portions of Clark and Linden. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township population is 1,471.

Who is the county clerk of Winfield NJ?

On all lists of municipalities required for records of official business in the office of County Clerk Henry G. Nulton it now appears with its rebellious neighbors, Clark and Linden, the other towns.

Where is Winfield mutual housing in New Jersey?

Welcome to Winfield Mutual Housing, located in Union County, New Jersey. Winfield Mutual Housing has been described as “the most progressive community in the state.” Constructed in 1941, the community is made up of single story, bi-level, intermingled dwellings in a park-like atmosphere.

What kind of houses are in Winfield NJ?

Units range in size and type from single family homes to two story (plus basement) two- and three-bedroom apartments, better known today as Townhouses; to one story (plus basement) two-bedroom apartments; and one-bedroom apartments, better known to residents as “bachelors.”