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When should you opt to use single quotation marks?

When should you opt to use single quotation marks?

The most common reason to use single quotation marks is to quote someone who is quoting someone else. The rules are different in British English, but in American English, you enclose the primary speaker’s comments in double quotation marks, and then you enclose the thing they are quoting in single quotation marks.

Where do you put quotation marks in the UK?

British style uses single quotes (‘) for initial quotations, then double quotes (“) for quotations within the initial quotation. ‘Economic systems’, according to Professor White, ‘are an inevitable byproduct of civilization, and are, as John Doe said, “with us whether we want them or not”’.

Can you use quotes for emphasis?

Emphasis. Do not use quotation marks to emphasize a word. Just don’t. The strength of your words should make any formatting unnecessary, but if you really want to emphasize something, use boldface or italics.

What is full stop called in English?

The period (known as a full stop in British English) is probably the simplest of the punctuation marks to use. You use it like a knife to cut the sentences to the required length.

How are single quotation marks used in British English?

In British English, we usually reverse the order of single and double quotation marks. British English usually uses single quotation marks first and then double quotation marks. Examples: My mother said, ‘The baby started talking today.

Do you use single or double quote marks?

In the UK, it’s more common to use single quote marks. And if there’s a quote within the quote, that’s a double. You might hear quotes within quotes called nested quotes. In US English it’s conventional to use double quote marks with nested singles. Ray studied his drink and narrowed his eyes.

Which is better single or double marks in British English?

Single marks are generally preferred in British English, while double marks are obligatory in American English. Page contents: direct speech and reproduced text titles of short works definitions irony, scorn and jargon with other punctuation marks inappropriate use . Direct Speech and Reproduced Text

When to use single quotation marks-Erin Wright writing?

1. Quotations within Quotations Use single quotation marks for quotations within run-in quotations, which are short quotes integrated into the surrounding text. 1 John said, “I started running south until I heard Max scream, ‘The zombies are over there!’” Max replied, “I’m glad you heard me.