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What is the synonym of meekness?

What is the synonym of meekness?

1 forbearing; uncomplaining, passive, unassuming; pacific, calm. 2 obedient, weak, timid, soft, yielding. See synonyms for meek on Thesaurus.com.

What is the synonym of stocky?

(of a person) short but well-built. She had been quite a stocky girl. Synonyms. thickset. his stout, thickset figure.

What is the synonym of sticky?

adhesive, adherent, gummed. rare tenacious. 2’too much water made the clay sticky and difficult to work’ glutinous, viscous, viscid. gluey, tacky, gummy, treacly, syrupy.

What are two meek synonyms?

synonyms for meekness

  • docility.
  • humility.
  • mildness.
  • modesty.
  • timidity.
  • timidness.

What is the biblical definition of meekness?

Meekness is essentially an attitude or quality of heart whereby a person is willing to accept and submit without resistance to the will and desire of someone else. 24. In the case of Christians, this is God.

What is stocky body type?

A stocky person, especially a man, is fairly short and has a body that is wide across the shoulders and chest: The man was described as short and stocky and very strong. Synonyms. heavyset.

Is Stocky a negative word?

We sometimes use other, slightly less negative words to describe someone who is a little fat. Stocky, for example, means ‘strong and wide’: He’s got the stocky build of a rugby player. Some ‘fat’ words, on the other hand, are very direct. Overweight is an adjective that a doctor might use to describe a fat patient.

What does tacky mean in slang?

not tasteful or fashionable; dowdy. shabby in appearance; shoddy: a tacky, jerry-built housing development. crass; cheaply vulgar; tasteless; crude. gaudy; flashy; showy.

What’s the scientific word for sticky?

The adjective viscid is used to describe something that is sticky or a thick, slow-moving liquid.

What is the best synonyms for meek?


  • deferential.
  • docile.
  • gentle.
  • passive.
  • serene.
  • subdued.
  • submissive.
  • timid.

Are there any synonyms or antonyms for meekness?

Synonyms and Antonyms of meekness. the absence of any feelings of being better than others. like most other things, meekness is best practiced in moderation.

Are there any synonyms for the word stocky?

thickset. solid. sturdy. chunky. stubby. dumpy. stumpy. mesomorphic. Synonyms for stocky.

Is the word meekness a synonym for modesty?

Put us not to confusion, but deal with us according to thy meekness, and according to the multitude of thy mercies. In money matters modesty and meekness are oftentimes great faults, and the contrary qualities are of infinite use.

What is the difference between meekness and humility?

In meekness, she extended a ‘pure and simple glance of God’s goodness.’ And ‘that is all the doing you have to worry about.’ She struggled for a long time to forgive the man who caused her great sorrow. Humility: Humility is an often misunderstood word that people mistake for meekness or timidity.