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What is the fastest serve in volleyball history?

What is the fastest serve in volleyball history?

Italy’s Ivan Zaytsev is certainly one of the world’s best servers. He currently holds the Olympic serving speed record, alongside Christian Savani and Gyorgy Grozer, at 78.9 mph (127 kmh).

How fast is a serve in men’s volleyball?

The serve´s characteristics in men´s volleyball are: the standing serve (7.1% of serves) is carried out with a range of 42.0 – 55.0 km/h, the jump float serve (40.7% of serves) is carried out with a range of 40.0 – 75.0 km/h, and the power jump serve (52.2% of serves) is carried out with a range of 73.0 – 104.0 km/h.

What is Nishida vertical?

A young talanted boy with incredible vertical jump. His name is Yuji Nishida, his spike reaches 346 cm.

What’s the hardest serve in volleyball?

Hi Jeff, The floater serve is the most difficult to return. You can really pop it, but it also has some movement — it can suddenly drop right at the end. That makes it the toughest serve to return because just when you think you’re ready for it, it will suddenly drop or move to the left or right on you.

Who is the best libero in the world 2021?

Jenia Grebennikov
4. Jenia Grebennikov (libero, France) Grebennikov has developed into arguably the best libero in the world. Known for his athletic defense and stellar passing, Grebennikov has helped turn France into a perennial medal contender at every major tournament.

What is the strongest serve in volleyball?


  • 1) 134 km/h – Ivan Zaytsev (ITA, Italy National Team)
  • 2) 132 km/h – Matey Kaziyski (BUL, Trentino /ITA)
  • 3) 128km/h – Georg Grozer (GER, Resovia /POL)
  • 4) 127km/h – Cristian Savani (ITA, Italy National Team)

Who is the best libero ever?

The best liberos in the world

  • Sergio Dutra Santos (Escadinha, Serginho) Birthdate: 1975-10-15. Position: Libero.
  • Jenia Grebennikov. Birthdate: 1990-08-13. Position: Libero.
  • Paweł Zatorski. Birthdate: 1990-06-21. Position: Libero.
  • Alexey Verbov. Birthdate: 1982-01-31. Position: Libero.
  • Erik Shoji. Birthdate: 1989-08-24.

How many inches can Nishida jump?

Is Nishida left handed?

After making a promising debut in 2018 that built momentum to a breakout season in 2019, Japan’s left-handed opposite Yuji Nishida is set for stardom as he takes his country to new heights. “I use my entire body when I jump,” Nishida said.

What is the best volleyball serve?

The underhand serve is most common for beginners. The overhand topspin and the overhand float serve are the most common serves for competitive volleyball. More advanced types of serves include jump serves and float serves to different areas of the court depending on what the coach has signaled.

What is the fastest volleyball spike?

A fast-moving spike can travel at speeds similar to a serve. For example, the world-class female professional volleyball player Flo Hyman could spike the ball at speeds up to 110 mph. Her spike was so fast it became known as the Flying Clutchman.

What is the fastest serve ever?

However, John Isner holds the ATP’s official record for the fastest serve at 253 km/h (157.2 mph). Ivo Karlović with a 232 km/h (144.2 mph) second serve in the quarterfinals of the 2007 Legg Mason Tennis Classic in Washington, holds the record for the fastest second serve ever recorded.

What are the rules for serving in volleyball?

Volleyball Serve – Rules Underhand servers should release the ball into the air before hitting the ball; it is illegal to hit the ball without releasing it from the holding hand first. A player has to perform the serve behind the backline. When a player serves, the feet must have last touched the ground inside the sidelines, and not on the endline.