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What is Tanki Online test server?

What is Tanki Online test server?

From Tanki Online Wiki. The Test Server is a place where new updates, features, and mechanics are tested before being released to the main servers. Sometimes, these servers are in a closed-testing mode, meaning that only Developers and Testers can access them.

How do you change servers on Tanki Online?

Players are free to change their server at any given time using a dropdown on the top bar of the game, located between the Garage and Friends buttons. Each server has its own players capacity. Next to each server in the dropdown is a progress bar, showing how near the number of online players is to its capacity.

How do I become a test server in ML?

Tap on the Customer Care option in the main dashboard of the game and then Click on the Bug Report. Now click on, How to get access to Advanced Server. Once the page is loaded, fill in the details like Your Game ID and Server Code (Server Code is located near the ID in your profile). In Ques 3, select B as an option.

What is test server ML?

Advanced Server is a test server available in Mobile Legends for Beta Testing of new features, characters, skin, or gameplay changes. The game has two servers, one is the original server where all the players are around the world are allowed to play and compete.

What is Battle ID in ML?

Your Battle ID is the most important piece of information you have! It is a unique 8-digit code with the format XXXX-XXXX that identifies your game, and it is required by Customer Support to identify you in our database.

How long do r6 test servers last?

2-3 days
The length of each test server phase varies and is dependent on the content being tested. Phases typically run 2-3 days.

Is there a test server for Tanki Online?

Sometimes, however, a large player base is required to test a new feature, and then the Test Server is open publicly for anyone to join. Remember that experience, crystals, and equipment obtained in the test server will not show up on your account on the main servers.

What do the servers do in Tanki X?

In Tanki X – the Unity3D version of Tanki- battle lists will be server-independent, and battles will be listed based on the rank of each player. The chat will also be public, and divided into topics rather than servers. Tanki’s test servers are servers which are used for testing unreleased features for the game.

Is the tankionline Server open to the public?

The servers are mostly not open to the wide public- while access is only permitted to staff members and players with a special invite code by the staff- but from time to time an access is given to everyone, allowing them to create a temporary test account and check the tested features.

Is the tanki online wiki used for commercial purposes?

The contents of the encyclopedia are constantly updated and improved by our experienced editors. The Wiki-encyclopedia is created for information purposes and reviewing current game events only. It is not used for commercial purposes or advertising. What to do if my account has been stolen?