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What is SERE Level B training?

What is SERE Level B training?

Description: This course provides knowledge on how to use the code of conduct should isolation occur and how to return honorably to friendly forces. It explains the various types of captivity and the actions captors use to exploit captives.

How long is a SERE 100 certificate good for?

SERE certificates are valid for 2-3 years, depending on the destination AOR. The SERE 100.2 training takes approximately 3 hours to complete and it must be done in a single sitting.

Where can I get SERE 100 training?

The SERE 100 CBT is located in the mobility and readiness section of ADLS. The training is required once every 20 months after the initial SERE 100 training is complete.

How long is SERE level B?

Although the length changes over the course of time it is generally about 30 days long. The training is held at Camp Mackall, North Carolina – not far from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Variety of SERE Courses.

How long is SERE C school?

21 days
The “C” level class is conducted over the course of 21 days and is broken into three phases, which teach commandos and aviators how to conduct themselves if they are captured, how to survive in the wilderness, how to evade capture, how to resist interrogation, and how to escape from captivity.

What does paid E stand for in SERE?

PAID-E (Perceive, analyze, interpret, decide, execute)

Can civilians go to SERE school?

Based in Colorado, SERE Training School provides world-wide outdoor survival training and consulting services to Civilians, Outdoor Professionals, Media Organizations, and Active-Duty Military Personnel using our signature brand of highly-specialized wilderness and hostile environment survival training techniques and …

How often is SERE 100 level B training required?

The Level B, or SERE 100, now required for all airmen is a four-hour computer training course developed by the Navy and the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, Zamzow said. How often is sere 100.2 required?

Is there a sere 100.2 for Joint Services?

SERE 100 .2 (J3TA-US1329) is a joint services Level A SERE education and training course supporting the military-wide “Code of Conduct” training requirement. It is 4 hour course available on-line or as an on-base classroom course. Level A is entry- level basic SERE training.

What do you need to know about SERE education and training?

2 Level A SERE Education and Training in Support of the Code of Conduct (FOUO) (4 hrs) The Department of Defense has an obligation to train, equip, and protect its personnel, to prevent their capture and exploitation by its adversaries, and reduce the potential for personnel to be used as leverage against U.S. security objectives.

How does SERE 100.2 help in theater entry?

It will also help you to meet the specific requirements for theater entry, as identified by combatant commands, and build on force protection pre-deployment training. SERE 100.2 is based on CCMD required capabilities and is designed as one course with specific focused areas reflecting military and civilian responsibilities.