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What is another word for equally?

What is another word for equally?

What is another word for equally?

uniformly equitably
evenly fifty-fifty
impartially likewise
proportionately regularly
similarly symmetrically

What is another word for equal in geometry?

Division-quotient, dividend, divide, divided by, each, per, average, divided equally. Equal-the same, equals, the same as, equivalent, is equal to.

What are two synonyms for Equal?

synonyms for equal

  • balanced.
  • commensurate.
  • comparable.
  • corresponding.
  • equivalent.
  • identical.
  • proportionate.
  • correspondent.

What’s another word for equally important?

What is another word for equally important?

equally consequential of equal import
equally critical equally crucial
equally decisive equally historic
equally momentous equally pivotal
equally significant equally vital

What is a better word for equal to?

What is another word for equal?

identical uniform
equivalent same
commensurate comparable
corresponding indistinguishable
like matched

Is equal means the same?

Some common synonyms of equal are equivalent, identical, same, selfsame, and very. While all these words mean “not different or not differing from one another,” equal implies being identical in value, magnitude, or some specified quality.

Is Equalness a word?

Definition of ‘equalness’

Are there any synonyms for the word equaling?

Synonyms for equaling. matching, meeting, tying. (or tieing) 2 to be the same in meaning or effect. being confined to home for a whole weekend would equal a death sentence in the minds of a lot of teens. Synonyms for equaling. adding up (to),

Which is the correct definition of the word equalling?

vb, equals, equalling or equalled, equals, equaling or equaled 7. (tr) to be equal to; correspond to; match: my offer equals his. 8. (usually foll by: out) to become equal or level 9. (tr) to make, perform, or do something equal to: to equal the world record.

When to use more equal or equally in a sentence?

Usage: The use of more equal as in from now on their relationship will be a more equal one is acceptable in modern English usage. Equally is preferred to equally as in sentences such as reassuring the victims is equally important. Just as is preferred to equally as in sentences such as their surprise was just as great as his

When to use the adverb equally in a sentence?

· The adverb equally is often regarded as redundant when used in combination with as, as in Experience is equally as valuable as theory or Aptitude is essential; but equally as important is the desire to learn. In our 2015 ballot, the example sentences above were deemed unacceptable by 64 percent and 53 percent of the Usage Panel respectively.