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What is a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony?

What is a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony?

A: A traditional Indian wedding lasts an average of three days. On the first night, a priest will often perform the ganesh pooja, a ceremony that usually happens at home with only the couple, the bridal party and close relatives in attendance. On the third day, the main ceremony, cocktail hour and reception take place.

What is Indian wedding ceremony called?

The priest directs family members to make offerings into the fire. At the end of the ceremony, in a ritual called saptapadi, the bride and groom take seven vows, sealing the marriage forever. These vows are traditionally spoken in Sanskrit, and are one of the most ancient aspects of the Hindu ceremony.

How long is a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony?

about three days
A typical Indian wedding timeline stretches about three days. The Hindu wedding ceremony, which takes place on the third day, usually lasts between one-and-a-half to two hours and is then followed by the reception. The whole day clocks around 16 hours.

What is the most important part of a Hindu wedding?

The Saptapadi (the seven steps) is the most important Hindu wedding tradition. After tying the Mangalsutra, the newlywed couple takes seven steps around the holy fire. Once completed, the couple legally becomes husband and wife.

What are the seven steps of a Hindu marriage ceremony?

A brief introduction to the stages of a Hindu wedding ceremony are below, for more specific details please read our article on ‘Hindu Wedding Traditions’: The Baraat / The Jaan; Pokwanu – Welcoming of The Groom; Ganesh Puja; Vaarpooja; Kanya Aagman – The Arrival of the Bride; Granthibandan and Varmala; Kanyadan ; Havan; Mangal Fera; Saptapadi – The Seven Steps

What happens at a Hindu wedding ceremony?

During the actual ceremony, Hindu weddings can have several prayers and rituals, depending on the couple. Most often, the bride and groom walk around a holy fire seven times, signifying their promises and vows.

What are the blessings of a Hindu wedding?

Here are Seven Blessings adapted from a Hindu ceremony: May this couple be blessed with an abundance of resources and comforts and be helpful to one another in all ways. May this couple be strong and complement one another. May this couple be blessed with prosperity and riches on all levels. May this couple be eternally happy. May this couple be blessed with a happy family life.

What do you wear at a Hindu wedding?

Hindu wedding traditions Traditionally, the Hindu wedding ceremony does not involve service sheets. Guests can wear what they wish, though it is best to avoid black. The bride traditionally wears a fine, white sari with red and gold embroidery, traditionally given her by her maternal uncles.