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What does Midnight Moon taste like?

What does Midnight Moon taste like?

“Our fruit flavored moonshines taste like real fruit, because they are made with real fruit; fresh, Grade A fruit that we hand-pack into mason jars,” said Michalek.

Is Midnight Moon real moonshine?

It’s the original moonshine, but more refined. Inspired by Junior Johnson’s legendary recipe, Midnight Moon Original is 80 proof and distilled from American corn to be slightly sweet, ultra-smooth, and clean tasting. Now that’s one delicious legacy.

Is it safe to eat the fruit in moonshine?

The infused flavors are hand-packed with real fruit to impart flavor and color, without making the moonshine overly sweet. The fruit is preserved in the alcohol, making it safe to eat even for years after the jar has been opened, even if Midnight Moon recommends against it.

How do you cut Midnight Moon?

How do I store Midnight Moon? To optimize the quality of Midnight Moon, keep cheese cold (32°–44.6°F). To maintain original condition after cutting keep cheese wrapped tightly in plastic wrap to prevent drying. Remove Midnight Moon from the refrigerator at least one hour before serving.

Does moonshine get stronger the longer it sits?

This moonshine is great right after it’s made, but it gets better the longer it sits. I recommend making this apple moonshine and leaving it to sit in the back of your fridge for at least 2 – 3 weeks before giving it a taste.

Is Midnight Moon moonshine good?

Slightly nutty, vanilla, buttery/fatty tastes to it with a drying, stony fade to it. Smooth and charming. Drinks: Trade out your vodka with this for any drink calling for vodka. Infinitely better than most vodkas out there with a slightly sweet taste and nice rubenesque body to it.

Do apples go bad in moonshine?

Unopened, flavored moonshine won’t change much and it won’t go bad. The fruits in unopened moonshine are preserved by the alcohol which prevents it from going off. These fruits can however become much more concentrated with alcohol and it is often best to discard the fruit.

Does moonshine ever go bad?

So, does moonshine go bad? In short, moonshine, like other plain spirits, does not really go bad. This means moonshine has an indefinite shelf life, unless you are dealing with a flavored option (which can spoil as a result of its high sugar density).

How much is a wheel of Midnight Moon?

Midnight Moon

5 lbs (cut portion) chilled $156.20
10 lbs (whole wheel) chilled $312.40
2 whole wheels – 10 lbs ea chilled $562.00

How long is Midnight Moon cheese good for?

Midnight Moon has a microbial (non-animal) rennet type. Whole wheels have an optimal shelf life of 12 months uncut, and 1 lb wedges purchased from our web store have a shelf life of 150 days.

Should moonshine be refrigerated?

Moonshine doesn’t require refrigeration for storage but storing your moonshine in a fridge won’t damage your spirits. The only elements that can change your moonshine are light, heat, and oxygen if your bottle is opened. If your moonshine is exposed to any of these elements, the flavor can be affected.

What is the taste of Midnight Moon Moonshine?

First Impression: Sweetish corn, with some malted barley and some complexity to the nose. Clean, slightly plump nose to it and a slightly fatty body giving it a nice roundness. Taste: Smooth, a touch sweet,and a little aromatic/spirity. Slightly nutty, vanilla, buttery/fatty tastes to it with a drying, stony fade to it.

What kind of moonshine is pink lemonade?

Midnight Moon Watermelon Moonshine – The color of pink lemonade, this moonshine offers the unmistakable nose of watermelon Jolly Rancher candies, with no diversion from the theme.

Where do they make moonshine in North Carolina?

Notes: Made in a small (seven person) distillery in North Carolina, this whiskey is a legal version of moonshine (a straight up unflavored moonshine). They also produce Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine. Triple-distilled in a hybrid copper pot/column still with a corn whiskey base (read predominantly corn with malted barley).