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What does Druck DPI 104 is stand for?

What does Druck DPI 104 is stand for?

4K0436 Issue 2 – [EN] English IntroductionThe data that follows applies to the Druck DPI 104-IS with the specified marking details. Refer to Marks and Symbols. The Druck DPI 104-IS digital pressure indicator measures the pressure of liquid, gas or vapour and shows the pressure value on a liquid crystal display (LCD).

What kind of pressure calibrator is Druck DPI 610?

DPI 610/615 Series is a Druck product. Druck has joined other GE high–technology sensing businesses under a new name—GE Sensing. The technically advanced Druck DPI 610 and DPI 615 portable calibrators are the culmination of many years of field experience with the company’s DPI 600 series.

How to contact Druck pressure test and calibration system?

Call one of our engineers at 1-800-884-4967 . Intrinsically safe advanced pressure measurement and generation system. Self-contained pressure test and calibration system combines pressure generation, signal measurement and loop power.

What are the features of the DPI 615?

The DPI 615 calculates errors and reports the pass/fail status during field tests. Problems and failures can be analyzed graphically for immediate assessment and correction. This simple to use feature reduces calibration and maintenance times and eliminates human errors.

What kind of battery does the DPI 104 use?

DPI 104 Specifications Universal Pressure Module (UPM) Capability UPM modules can be connected to the DPI 104 to enhance the accuracy and extend the pressure range. Battery The DPI 104 is supplied with a 9V alkaline battery, type MN1604. For increased performance a 9V lithium battery (not supplied by GE) is suggested. Pressure Port

What’s the accuracy of a DPI 104 pressure gauge?

Allow us to earn your business and make this purchase easy. DPI 104 Digital Test Pressure Gauge. 0.05 Full Scale Accuracy. Ranges from 10 to 20,000 psi depending on selection, 1/4 inch male connection. Calibration Certificate included

What’s the burst pressure on a GE DPI 104?

Burst pressure is 2x working pressure (exception, 20,000 psi (1400 bar); burst pressure 29,000 psi (2000 bar). In addition to the numeric pressure indication, the DPI 104 LCD display contains a circular twenty segment bar graph to provide the user with a quick visual estimation of pressure from 0 to 100% full scale output.