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What are the major tribes of Nasarawa?

What are the major tribes of Nasarawa?

The main ethnic groups in Nasarawa State are Aguta, Alago, Basa, Ebira, Eggon, Gbagyi, Gwandara, Kanuri and Tiv. There are 29 languages spoken in the state, the major ones being: Agatu, Basa, Eggon, Gbagyi, Gade, Goemai, Gwandara, Ham, Kofyar, and Lijili.

How many tribes are there in Nasarawa state?

Wakawa [1], both lecturers at Nasarawa State University, indicate that Nasarawa state has a population of approximately 1.8 million people and is “extremely diverse,” with more than 18 different ethnic groups recognized as “proper indigenes” of the state, including the Eggon (Liman and Wakawa Jan.

Is Nasarawa an Hausa state?

Nasarawa is a state in north central geopolitical zone in Nigeria. Its capital is Lafia….Nasarawa State.

Location of Nasarawa State in Nigeria
Coordinates: 8°32′N 8°18′ECoordinates: 8°32′N 8°18′E
Country Nigeria
Date created 1 October 1996

Who is the first professor in Nasarawa state?

Nasarawa university produces Nigeria’s ‘first professor of capital markets’ The governing council and Senate of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, has named Uche Uwaleke as professor of finance & capital markets.

What is the motto of Nasarawa State?

Nasarawa is a Local Government Area in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Nasarawa, located at 8°32’N 7°42’E, with a population of 30,949 (2016)….Nasarawa, Nasarawa State.

Nasarawa Nasara Nasarawan Makama Dogo
Motto(s): Masu Nasara
Coordinates: 08°32′N 07°42′E
Country Nigeria

How many tribes do we have in Niger State?

Niger State has a number of different tribes. Its three most popular ethnic groups are Nupe, Gbagyi and Hausa….The People of Niger State.

Local Government Areas (LGAs)

What is the cut off mark for Nasarawa State University?

Only candidates candidates who have chosen Nasarawa State University, Keffi as their FIRST CHOICE and scored the required Minimum National Cut- off Point of 160 and above in the last UTME are eligible for the screening exercise.

When was Nasarawa State established?

October 1, 1996

When was NSUK established?

Nasarawa State University (Info Portal)/Founded

What is Nasarawa known for?

Nasarawa is a market centre for the yams, sorghum, millet, soybeans, shea nuts, and cotton grown in the surrounding area. The town is served by a secondary school and a hospital. It is located at the intersection of local roads that lead to Keffi and the Benue River ports of Loko and Umaisha. Pop.

Where did the Eggon people live in Africa?

In much of the colonial literature, the Eggon were known as the “Hill Mada” in contrast to the “Plains Mada”, the people known as Mada today. The Eggon lived in the Mada hills south of Akwanga in the pre-colonial period, but there is no connection between the groups that would justify these terms, and they have now been discarded.

When was Eggon classified as a Plateau language?

Eggon was first classified by Greenberg (1963) as a Plateau language in his group 5, together with Nungu and Yeskwa. In the revision prepared by Carl Hoffman published in Hansford et al. (1976) a Benue group was set up that combined Greenberg’s Plateau 5 and 7 with Jukunoid.

What was the history of the Eggon Society?

Very little has been written about Eggon society and Temple (1922) and Ames (1934) are the only sources that contain any descriptions of Eggon social organisation.

Are there any books written in the Eggon language?

There are however, literature works written in eggon language which provides confidence for one to surely say there is improvement in the written language of eggon. There are also summer lessons to teach and train eggon sons and daughters their language and culture.