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New Web Technologies Every Web Design Business Must Know

New Web Technologies Every Web Design Business Must Know

It’s a modern world in the year 2019, and the biggest advancements out there are on what used to be called the “world wide web”. Though it’s not really called that anymore, the internet is an ever-changing technology platform that is constantly growing. When it comes to new web technologies every web designer must know, we’re going to explain that for you some as well as point out that because of the rapidly advancing web technologies out there, there are certain things that really come down to making a fully functional website.

These apply even to “custom” template websites like Shopify, WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix; all of these custom platforms are still based around the same main types of code which are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Defining Web Technology

Web development technology is a technology that brings certain programming languages together to allow us to see something tangible on the screen according to Green Genie SEO. Most of these are made so they are universal on all browsers, with certain information that can only be displayed on the certain browsers so we comprehend all of that code, and are displayed so we can understand them. This, plus the global network is in a nutshell what web technologies are.

Different Browsers See Things Differently

Certain web browsers have different settings than others, so the code for a website must include variables that can keep uniformity on all of them. For example, background gradients look different on browsers such as Mozilla FireFox as they would be compared to Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or even Google Chrome.

HTML & CSS Advancement

In the past HTML is the building block that creates websites and lays everything out in a file. That being said, it has its own custom ways to style, and you can even add CSS (which stands for cascading style sheets) can be embedded into an HTML page or even imported from external CSS files to show how HTML loads and is displayed. This technology has advanced very far and now the programming language that is most common is HTML5 and CSS.


PHP and MySQL are two of the most familiar and popular secure forms of frameworks out there. Not only that, JavaScript has been a major benefactor when it comes to this as well. Because of the constant development of the popular framework languages, there are many more to consider, such as Angular, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and Node.js which are used for building what we call web apps.

Extra Languages

Other than HTML5 and CSS, or even JavaScript, there have been many adaptations involved in the various languages, such as Python used by the popular Django framework, Ruby of course for Ruby on Rails, jQuery which is a summarized JavaScript platform for developing amazing web apps and dynamic website content (some browsers still have issues with jQuery), Java which has been made popular by Android, JavaScript, the main granddaddy of languages, and more.

If you don’t learn the basics of these languages, then you may have issues later on. You need to make sure that in web development and website design, that you have a basic understanding of what makes things tick, as well as various data formats, API’s, Protocols, and even design elements (color schemes, gradient schemes, and some graphic design skills). This makes for an all-around website designer experience and makes you more valuable. Not only this, but SEO is a definite must in today’s web-design scenarios.