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Is the Merida one forty 800 a good bike?

Is the Merida one forty 800 a good bike?

The new Merida One-Forty 800 is chunky on the scales as a complete package and okay rather than outstanding value on paper. Hit the trails, though, and it’s an absolutely addictive max-control playbike that just keeps getting better the harder you ride it.

What are the dimensions of a Merida bike?

With 140mm of FOX sprung travel, down and dirty geometry and huge rubber on 27.5″ rims, this bike’s intentions are clear. Tapered head tube with internal gear and dropper post cabling. At first glance, you might think ‘yawn… it looks like all the old Meridas, just blacker’. But you’d be wrong.

What kind of suspension system does Merida one forty B use?

The One Forty B runs the new VPK (Virtual Pivot Kinematics… not everything has changed at Merida, the acronyms are still dull) suspension system, which was debuted late last year. It’s a completely different setup to the old single-pivot Merida’s, utilising a twin-link system in a similar vein to Giant, Intense, Niner and Pivot, to name just a few.

What kind of tubing does Merida one forty use?

Merida is one of the largest and most advanced frame producers in the world. The One-Forty has a totally new chassis built from its latest ‘Superlite 16’ tubing, which comes in under 3kg (medium), which is impressive for alloy, and significantly lighter than some affordable carbon frames.

What kind of shock does Merida one forty have?

Merida’s One-Forty range is based around a new platform for 2018 – one that’s drawn multiple plaudits as part of the longer-travel One-Sixty. In essence, it’s a linkage-driven single pivot bike, with 140mm of travel and a metric length, trunnion-mounted shock that floats between two pivots.

What kind of bike is the Merida 650B?

It’s hard to keep track of what different categories mean these days, but Merida ’s flagship mid-travel 650b bike is a solid multi-purpose trail machine with the emphasis on consistently high quality stop-and-go equipment rather than true all-mountain radical riding control and charisma.