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How much is the POCARI SWEAT?

How much is the POCARI SWEAT?

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pocari Sweat Powder for 10l (1)

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Is it okay to drink a lot of POCARI SWEAT?

How much POCARI SWEAT can I drink in a day? There is no particular limit on the amount you can drink. If you are on a sugar or salt-restricted diet due to obesity or high blood pressure, consider your daily limits when drinking POCARI SWEAT, because it contains salt and sugar.


4.0 out of 5 stars Delicious drink that you should buy elsewhere. Pocari Sweat is delicious, but its saltiness might seem strange if you aren’t accustomed to it. This mix makes one liter per packet, and yes, once reconstituted, it is in fact The Real Thing.

What is the benefit of POCARI SWEAT?

POCARI SWEAT contains a balance of water and ions that is close to that of body fluid, enabling smooth replenishment of lost moisture and ions. If you just drink water after sweating a lot, your body fluid becomes thin and diluted.

Is Pocari Sweat good for fever?

With a composition close to you body fluid, it is quickly absorbed and retained longer in your body. POCARI SWEAT is thus recommended when you lose body fluid: exercise, outdoor activities, fever or whenever you feel dehydrated.

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Who can drink POCARI SWEAT?

POCARI SWEAT can be consumed by nursing mothers and pregnant women, regardless of their pregnancy stage. POCARI SWEAT can even be consumed by mothers after childbirth, so that the loss of fluid during childbirth can be replaced.

Can I drink POCARI SWEAT on empty stomach?

Alcohol absorption is also affected by the food consumed with it, and by your physical condition. For example, if you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol will be absorbed more quickly. Therefore, POCARI SWEAT is suitable for consumption when drinking alcohol, since it will help replenish your water and electrolytes.

What is ion supply drink?

An ion supply drink provides the body with water and electrolytes (sodium ions, etc.) lost while sweating.

Is it okay to drink POCARI SWEAT at night?

Drinking before going to bed can’t make up for all of the fluid you lose while sleeping though, so downing some Pocari upon waking up is helpful as well. Exercise may be the most obvious driver of dehydration, especially in a hot climate like Vietnam’s.

Can you drink POCARI SWEAT on an empty stomach?