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How much does a Huck gun cost?

How much does a Huck gun cost?

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This item Huck AK175A Air-Hydraulic Power Set Riveter Peterbilt 379 Stainless Steel Huck/Rivet Kit for Grille Surround
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What is a huck bolt gun?

Huck bolts are fundamentally a two-piece grooved pin and a collar combo where the collar sits over the pin and is compressed into the grooves of the pin via a designated tool. The tool presses the softer material collar into the pin making the two-piece combo an integrated one-piece entity.

What is a Huck gun used for?

Huck fasteners are most often used in manufacturing, mining equipment, shipbuilding, and agriculture, as well as in trucks, trailers, bridges, railways, and railcars, where vibration is ever-present.

Who makes Hucktools?

Nappco Fastener Company
Thanks so much for visiting huck-tools.com, owned by Nappco Fastener Company. Nappco Fastener Company is an authorized distributor of Alcoa Products. Our products include huck bobtail, huck pneumatic rivet guns and air guns, nose pieces, and the hydraulic powerig.

Does Dewalt make a cordless rivet gun?

Those interested in the Pop Proset PB3400 Cordless Rivet Gun can find them online for about $1300 with Dewalt 20V or 18V battery, charger and case.

What is a Huck lock?

Huck® Lockbolts are precision engineered two-piece fasteners that, once installed, no matter how vibration-intensive the environment, never come loose. Huck Lockbolts provide direct metal-to-metal contact when installed, which eliminates the transverse vibration often found in conventional nuts and bolts.

What is a Huck tool?

A Huck tool squeezes, or swages, collar material into the grooves of a HuckBolt, reducing collar diameter and increasing its length. This force stretches the pin to create a consistent clamp.

What is the best cordless rivet gun?

Top 10 Best Cordless Rivet Guns 2020

# Product
1 Girapow Cordless Rivet Gun Tool, 18V Electric Automatic Brushless Blind Riveter Professional Kit…
2 Cordless Drill Electric Rivet Gun Adapter Rivet Nut Drill Adapter Kit Including 10 Mandrel and 50Pcs…
3 MILWAUKEE’S Electric Tools 2550-20 M12 Rivet Tool (Bare Tool)

How much does a Huck 256 rivet gun weigh?

Model 256 Pneumatic tool is designed for high-speed production applications. Includes a concentric –inline- pull piston. Optimum stroke for one-cycle installations. The Huck 256 is able to install up to 20 fasteners per minute. Model 256 is factory-tested for 2000 cycles, ensuring the tool’s reliability. Production tool weight: 11.1 pounds.

Where can I get a Huck model 256 gun?

Contact us online or call toll-free (866)748-3876 in the U.S. and Canada for help with the Huck 256 Pneudraulic Tool / Huck Model 256 Rivet Gun. Download the PDF version of our Huck guns and tools catalog to view all Huck fasteners and tools.

What kind of tools do Huck guns use?

Huck Guns – Hand Riveters, Huck Bolt Tools, Hydraulic & Pneudraulic Rivet Guns & Power Rigs! At Huck Guns we carry hand riveters, hydraulic and pneudraulic rivet guns, Huck bolt installation tools & power rigs!

Where can I buy an Alcoa Huck gun?

Contact us online or call (866)748-3876 for ordering and shipping information on Alcoa Huck guns. If it’s Huck – We’ve got You Covered! Whether you need a huck rivet gun or huck rivet gun parts, we’ve got you covered!