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How much does a Dash 8 Q400 cost?

How much does a Dash 8 Q400 cost?

Average Prices

Purchase New 27 Million 25 Million
Purchase Used
Charter Rate 2,250 USD/hour 2,250 EUR/hour

Is a Dash 8 the same as a Q400?

Q-Series, -400 To emphasize their quietness, Bombardier renamed the Dash 8 models as the Q-Series turboprops (Q200, Q300, and Q400).

What is the range of a Dash 8 Q400?

1,268 mi
Bombardier Dash 8 – Q400/Range

How much does a Dash 8 cost?

DEVELOPMENT OF THE de Havilland Dash 8-400 high-speed regional turboprop will cost C$450 million ($327 million), Bombardier says, with the Canadian company performing half of the work and risk-sharing partners the rest.

How often do turboprops fail?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was quoted as stating turbine engines have a failure rate of one per 375,000 flight hours, compared to of one every 3,200 flight hours for aircraft piston engines.

Where does Air Canada Express Dash 8 take off from?

Air Canada Express De Havilland Canada (Bombardier) DHC-8-400 Dash-8 Q400 C-GGOI is seen taxiing and taking off from the Kelowna International Airport CYLW with a nice close-up view of this impressive turboprop aircraft. Category Autos & Vehicles.

How many passengers does a Dash 8-400 carry?

More passengers The Dash 8-400 aircraft carries 14 more passengers than any other turboprop and has the extra payload capacity to carry their bags, all while providing more range. The Dash 8-400 aircraft is the only turboprop that is fully compliant with FAA/EASA passenger weight at any extra capacity configuration.

How much is the mjc8 Q400 takeoff speed card?

MJC8 Q400 APPROACH AND LANDING SPEEDS CARD WEIGHT V app V ref V ga 39.500 LB 115 — 109 44.000 LB 120 — 110 48.500 LB 126 — 115 53.000 LB 131 — 120 57.000 LB 137 — 125 62.000 LB 142 — 130 64.000 LB 146 — 134 FLAPS 5°

What is the cruising altitude of a Dash 8?

The Dash 8 Q400 range is 1.100 nautical miles (2.040 km). The Max cruising speed is 360 kts (667 km/h). The Max Operating Altitude is 27,000 feet (8.230 m) above mean sea level. Short Take-off and Landing Capability