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How many chapters are there in Infinite Jest?

How many chapters are there in Infinite Jest?

It’s built of dozens of chunks of stories. There are 28 un-numbered chapter breaks (signified by a little circle), similar to 28 days in a lunar cycle, but within those chapters are 189 total scenes plus endnotes.

Is Infinite Jest a hard book?

At more than 1,000 pages – with copious footnotes – Infinite Jest is a famously difficult read. It is the Gen-X Ulysses that even those like me, who consider themselves DFW superfans, are nervous to attempt, many preferring to feed their devotion with his essays and short stories.

What is the best way to read Infinite Jest?

These tips can help.

  1. Read It With A Friend. Giphy.
  2. Take Notes. Giphy.
  3. Or Take Someone Else’s Notes. Giphy.
  4. Use Caution When Admitting Non-Jest Reading Material Into Your Life.
  5. No, Really: Use Extreme Caution When Admitting Non-Jest Reading Material Into Your Life.
  6. Make A Schedule.
  7. And Then Let Yourself Disregard That Schedule.

Does Infinite Jest have a plot?

The foreground of Infinite Jest features three basic plot systems. Again, little happens in the way of conventional plot.

What happened to Hal at the end of Infinite Jest?

After the pages stop, Hal goes to the hospital, escaping the AFR who have come to ETA. He ends up in the bed next to Gately (previously occupied by Otis P. Lord), which is where Gately, Joelle, and Hal come together for the adventures ahead.

Can you read Infinite Jest on a Kindle?

Steven Asin Infinite Jest is the perfect book for the Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle allows you to just press on the unknown word to get a definition.

Why is Infinite Jest so bad?

It’s typically regarded as difficult reading, due partly to its narrative structure, but mostly because of its length. Infinite Jest is 1,079 pages long, making it not ideal for subway reading but extremely effective as an emergency doorstop.