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How long should a handguard be for a rifle-length gas system?

How long should a handguard be for a rifle-length gas system?

15-inches. Intended mostly for rifle-length gas systems, it’s perfectly usable on any standard length gas system. Generally, these will only be used on barrels that are 16-inches or longer and are probably the most common length for handguards.

How long should your handguard be?

The handguard should extend from the front of your upper all the way to the gas port, wherever that hits toward the end of the barrel. So, generally speaking, if you want to change to a shorter or longer handguard rail, you will need to change out your barrel and gas system accordingly.

How long is rifle-length gas tube?

Rifle-length gas system: The longest of the three, rifle-length gas systems use gas tubes close to 13 inches long. You should install rifle-length gas systems on marksman-style AR-15s with barrels 20 inches or longer.

How far should the gas tube go into the receiver?

Re: How far should the gas tube be sticking out? From the hole at the front edge of the upper reciever where the tube goes into the interior of the upper reciever to the port on the barrel is about 6 inches.

Will a 15 handguard cover a rifle length gas block?

Most low-profile gas blocks are about 1″ long, so assuming you want the handguard to completely cover the gas block, then your handguard needs to be at least 1″ + 7 5⁄16″ = 8 5⁄16″ long.

What length gas tube do I need for a 20 inch barrel?

What is the Correct Gas System Length for my Barrel?

System Barrel Length Port Distance
Pistol Less than 10 inches 4 inches
Carbine 10-18 inches 7 inches
Mid 14-20 inches 9 inches
Rifle 20 plus inches 12 inches

Does the military use mid-length gas system?

So, naturally, they tested the mid-length gas system on M4A1 carbines at the behest of Army Special Operations Command. The M16 uses a 20-inch barrel and gas system, but the M4 designs were crunched down to fit a 14.5-inch barrel.

Should I Dimple my barrel?

Adding the dimple would break through the corrosion resistant nitride layer on the barrel since we drill our gas ports after nitriding. Since most customers do not use a dimple, adding an unprotected path for corrosion is not advisable.

What is a pinned gas block?

These blocks vary from set-screw style to clamp-on depending on the manufacturer. AIM’s pinned gas block is a hybrid design that uses the pin for location and set screws to help with gas seal. Details on the Pins Themselves. AIM Surplus gas blocks use a 3/32″ x 3/8″ roll pin where it pins to the barrel.

How long should my handguard be compared to my barrel?

After you’ve settled on your barrel length, you’re going to want to pick a handguard that matches the job the rifle holds. In general keeping the rail about an inch from your muzzle device will give you plenty of room to work with, without the worry of destroying your handguard.

How long is mid-length handguard?

Mid-length gas tubes are approximately 9.5 inches long and require a handguard around 8.5 to 9 inches long.