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How long is a tax preparation course?

How long is a tax preparation course?

approximately 70 hours
The course lasts approximately 70 hours, and some students may qualify for college credit. H&R Block: H&R Block’s tax preparation course teaches people how to file their taxes and helps professionals enter the tax preparation field.

Does H&R Block give free tax advice?

More than 50 tax experts from H&R Block will offer 24 hours of free tax advice. Taxpayers can call 1-866-HRBLOCK (1-866-472-5625) or e-mail [email protected] to connect with a tax expert for free personalized advice.

Do you need a degree to do taxes?

In general, tax preparers are required to have a high-school diploma or equivalent. That is, you don’t need a bachelor’s or associate degree to get started or to thrive in the tax preparation industry. However, any aspiring tax preparer should be aware that the job will require some basic skills.

Are there any free tax classes at the IRS?

Our Tax School’s current tax classes are based on the IRS’ most recently available tax laws, forms and schedules. Note, that this free IRS online tax course will not qualify the student for the IRS’ Annual Filing Season Program.

Is there a free online tax preparation school?

When you sign up for the free Liberty Tax® School online or near you, you receive expert instruction in basic income tax preparation, including courses on filing requirements, tax credits, standard and itemized deductions, tax tables and more.

Do you need tuition for Liberty Tax School?

When you register for Liberty Tax® school, you have access to your choice our complete 12 session course or an abbreviated rapid online tax course on the fundamentals of 1040 tax form preparation. Tuition-free, online Liberty Tax® classes make it easy to learn how to complete your individual tax form without putting your life and career on hold.

Where can I find Liberty Tax Service courses?

Our Basic Online Tax Courses are recorded courses that may be viewed at your convenience. You can contact your local Liberty Tax Service® office to register. Call 1-800-658-1042, to locate your closest Liberty Tax Service® office. Liberty Tax® Schools are tuition FREE.