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How does a Order of Protection work in Arkansas?

How does a Order of Protection work in Arkansas?

The temporary order will protect you from the time it is granted until your full court hearing takes place, usually within 30 days. A final order of protection can be issued only after a court hearing takes place where you and the abuser both have the opportunity to appear in court and present evidence.

Is an Order of Protection the same as a restraining order?

An Order of Protection is a court order that tells one person what they cannot do to another person, or what contact is allowed. Sometimes an Order of Protection is also called a restraining order.

What are the 3 types of protection?

There are three types of orders of protection that can provide victims with legal protections to support their safety – emergency protective orders, temporary restraining orders, and permanent restraining orders.

What do I need to get a protection order?

You have to sign an affidavit about what your abuser has done to you. An affidavit is a form that you swear is true and sign in front of a notary or a Judge. If the court finds you are in danger of harm, you will first get a Temporary Order of Protection. Then a hearing will be set.

How long does it take to get a order of protection?

​It will take up to 24 hours to get a Personal Protection Order (it may take longer if it is a holiday or on Fridays because of the weekend). After you do the initial paperwork for the PPO which usually takes about 45 minutes, the judge has 24 hours to review the paperwork and make a decision.

What do you need to know about orders of protection?

enforceable separation while longer-term protection

  • Temporary Restraining Order.
  • Permanent Restraining Order.
  • How serious is violating an order of protection?

    Like all court orders, violating an Order of Protection is a serious matter, and could result in your arrest for one or more of the following offenses: Criminal Contempt in the Second Degree: This Class A misdemeanor applies when you intentionally disobey a court order. If convicted you could spend up to a year in jail and be forced to pay a $1,000 fine.

    What is considered a violation of an order of protection?

    A violation of the terms and conditions of the protection order can include things such as abuse, stalking, child custody issues, any type of prohibited communication with, or entrance upon the premises of the person who filed the order of protection.

    What to do if your order of protection is violated?

    If the subject of the order of protection does not obey the order, then you can call the police. The police will probably arrest the individual for violating the order of protection. The individual does not have to hit you to violate the order.