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How do I restore files from Ubuntu using live CD?

How do I restore files from Ubuntu using live CD?

Recover Grub

  1. Boot the Ubuntu Live CD.
  2. Press Ctrl-Alt-F1.
  3. Find the partition where your /boot directory is (normally the root partition) check the previous tip for that.
  4. sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt.
  5. sudo chroot /mnt.
  6. grub.
  7. find /boot/grub/stage1 (will output a partition name like (hd0,3) )
  8. root (hd0,3)

How do I make a Ubuntu live CD?

Steps for creating a Live CD with Ubuntu

  1. Insert a blank CD or DVD into your Optical drive. You may see a pop up window asking you what to do with the Disc, click ‘Cancel’ as you do not need it.
  2. Locate the ISO image then Right-Click and select ‘Write to Disc…’.
  3. Check that the correct disc is selected then click ‘Burn’.

Can I use Ubuntu to recover Windows files?

Recovering Windows-stored files with Ubuntu is as easy as opening a folder. There’s no Linux terminal involved here. Just click the folder icon on Ubuntu’s launcher to open the file manager. You’ll see your Windows drive under Devices in the sidebar; click it and you’ll see your Windows file system.

Where can I find LiveCD in Ubuntu Linux?

Most distributions (versions or “distros” of Linux) have this LiveCd functionality on their installer CD, a few have a separate Cd to download. It is rare to find a distro that has no LiveCd session at all. Ubuntu tries to make their LiveCD the easiest to use.

How can I create a LiveCD / LiveDVD / LiveUSB?

You can tell the Disk Creator how much space you want to reserve for this. For a live USB use UNetbootin, it is a cross-platform application that allows you to create bootable USB sticks (without even formatting your Flashdrive) You can put the image on a cd/dvd by burning the iso onto the optical disc you want to use.

Where can I get a Linux Live CD?

Ubuntu’s support for a big variety of hardware also means your computer is very likely to run it without a hitch. Graphic support, network drivers, and things of that sort are baked into Ubuntu. You can get the ISO images to create a Live CD from Ubuntu’s download page.

What to do when you boot from Ubuntu CD?

Put the Ubuntu CD into the CD/DVD-drive and reboot the computer. You should see a menu with “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer” at the top. If you don’t get this menu, read the booting From the CD guide for more information. Figure 1: The first thing you will see when you boot from your Ubuntu CD