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How do I install BlackBerry link on my Mac?

How do I install BlackBerry link on my Mac?

Update device software

  1. Before you begin, make sure to back up any desired data.
  2. On your computer, open BlackBerry Link.
  3. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. At the left of the screen, click your device.
  5. Click Software Updates.
  6. Click Check for Updates.
  7. If updates are available, click Install Update.

How do I connect my BlackBerry passport to my computer?

Connect the BlackBerry Device to the computer via USB cable. If BlackBerry Device Manager is not yet installed, the BlackBerry Device will display a screen entitled Installing Drivers. On the computer, double click the BlackBerry Device CD drive icon or BlackBerry Link Installation. Open the Drivers folder.

How do I update my BlackBerry Software?

Go to your device “Settings” on the Home screen. Click “Software Updates” under “Settings” page and click “Check for Updates”. If there is an update for your current BlackBerry OS , it will show you on the screen. Click the link and it will start updating your BlackBerry OS. Update Your BlackBerry on Your PC.

How does BlackBerry link work?

BlackBerry Link is the desktop computer software which communicates with BlackBerry 10 devices. It was previously called BlackBerry Desktop Software and BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It allows users to synchronize their pictures, video, and audio with specific directories on their PC either over USB cable or wirelessly through the local Wi-Fi network.

What is BlackBerry Desktop?

The BlackBerry Desktop Software is a free to download desktop application from Research In Motion, creators of the famed smartphone line BlackBerry and its proprietary operating system, the BlackBerry OS . The BlackBerry Desktop Software has a release for Windows and Mac, with very few noticeable differences in…

How do I download BlackBerry link to my computer?

Install BlackBerry Link for Windows

  1. Using the provided USB cable, connect the BlackBerry 10 smartphone to the computer.
  2. From the “BlackBerry Link” installation window, click Download And Install.
  3. From the “Select language” screen, ensure the appropriate language is selected then click OK.

How do I transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Mac?

How to Import a Mac Address Book to a BlackBerry

  1. Start the iSync application.
  2. Select “iSync” and select “Preferences” from the main menu to open the Preferences dialog box.
  3. Check the box next to “Enable syncing on this computer.”
  4. Close the dialog box.
  5. Close iSync.

How do I transfer files from BlackBerry to macbook?


  1. Download and install Android File Transfer on your computer.
  2. Open Android File Transfer.
  3. Unlock your device’s screen.
  4. With a USB cable, connect your device to your computer.
  5. Swipe down from the top of your device’s screen to see your notifications.
  6. Tap the Charging mode only notification.

How can I connect my BlackBerry to computer?

Plug the smaller side of your Blackberry USB cable into the small USB port on the side of the Blackberry itself. Then plug the other side of the cable into the 2.0 USB port of your PC. Note that older computers do not usually have 2.0 USB ports. Your computer will notify you if this is the case.

How does BlackBerry link work on my computer?

BlackBerry Link is easy to set up, and you’ll be prompted to download the software when you first connect your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer. Once installed you’ll enjoy fast and seamless access to your media and documents.

What kind of software does a BlackBerry use?

BlackBerry® Desktop Software syncs your organizer, music, photos and media files from your Mac or PC to your BlackBerry device. BlackBerry UEM, a cross-platform EMM solution by BlackBerry, delivers device ownership flexibility, built on the trusted security and reliability we’re known for.

Can a BlackBerry PlayBook be synced to a computer?

Update the software on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet to ensure you have access to the latest features and functionality. Music, photos, video and files can all be synced and shared between your BlackBerry® 10 devices and your PC or Mac with BlackBerry® Link.

Can you transfer files from a PC to a BlackBerry?

You can also easily transfer content from your existing BlackBerry smartphone to your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone. BlackBerry® Desktop Software syncs your organizer, music, photos and media files from your Mac or PC to your BlackBerry device.