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How do I contact Hongkong police?

How do I contact Hongkong police?

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Address : 123 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2828 7573
E-mail : [email protected]
Fax : 2200 4304

How do I report a crime in Hong Kong?

The Informant can call the e-Report Centre at 2860-2000 for enquiry or email the comment or technical problem to e-RC Administrator ([email protected]).

Which police station can we go to register your complaint?

One can file a police complaint in the nearest police station in whose jurisdiction the crime was committed. However, in case of an urgency, for a serious offence (cognizable offence), a police complaint can be filed in any police station. The Police Officer will have to register Zero FIR immediately.

How can I get police clearance in Hong Kong?

Applicants shall make an advance appointment through the Online Booking System (OBS) (https://www.obs.police.gov.hk/en) or the Auto-Telephone Answering System at (852)2396 5351, no less than one day prior to the intended appointment. Walk-in application will not be entertained.

What happens if you report something to police?

Once you have reported a crime, the police will investigate it. They may call or stop by your home, they might ask you to come to the police station, or they may just speak to you at the scene of the crime. If you have been injured, and have to go to hospital, they may visit you there.

How do I report a lost phone in Hong Kong?

Report Lost or Stolen Phone – Help Desk – SmarTone. In Hong Kong call 2880 2688 and when abroad call + 852 2880 2688 or toll free hotlines .

How much is police clearance in Hong Kong?

Processing fee of HK$225 per person. Payment by cash, Octopus cards, EPS or crossed cheques payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” are accepted.

How long does a criminal record last in Hong Kong?

According to ROO, where an individual has been convicted in Hong Kong of an offence in respect of which he was not sentenced to imprisonment exceeding 3 months or to a fine exceeding $10,000; he has not been convicted in Hong Kong on any earlier day of an offence; and a period of 3 years has elapsed without that …

Where is the police headquarters in Hong Kong?

Address : 11/F , Arsenal House , Police Headquarters. No.1 Arsenal Street ,Wan Chai, Hong Kong. E-mail : [email protected]. Fax :

Where can I find the Hong Kong government telephone number?

This is a website where you can search for most of the telephone numbers of officers and hotlines in respect of government bureaux / departments and related organisations. 1.For those calling from places outside Hong Kong, please dial the area code “852” before the telephone number (not applicable to overseas offices).

How to join the Hong Kong police force?

Membership of Police Sports and Recreation Club, Police Officers’ Club and Disciplined Services Sports and Recreation Club 2319 0000 Use of Force Holiday Homes and Hotel Package 2860 3251 Treasury – Pensions Division                                          

Where to report a crime in Hong Kong?

If you are a victim of crime, please report to your nearest police station or dial ‘999’ in case of emergency. 1/F, 190 Argyle Street, Kowloon.