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Can you save your dog in Fable 2?

Can you save your dog in Fable 2?

Relation to the Hero The dog is found in the very beginning of Fable II, while the player is gathering gold coins to purchase the Music Box from Murgo the Trader in Bowerstone. Rose and the Hero save the dog from a bully, and the dog repays them by finding an arrest warrant. They allow renaming of the dog.

Is it possible to get another dog in Fable 2?

In order to get your dog back you have to have a villager follow you to the mausoleum. When the door opens again your faithful canine companion will be sitting inside and when you approach you will see a reunion scene similar to the one in Oakfield earlier in the game. From then on it’s as if your pal never died.

Who was the bad guy in Fable 2?

Lucien Fairfax, formally known as Lord Lucien, is the ruler of Albion in Fable II and is the main antagonist of the game.

What happened to Lady Fairfax and Amelia?

She is buried together with her mother in a tomb at the far end of Bowerstone Cemetery. Inside the crypt there is water and flags which, like the flags alongside the Fairfax Road in Bowerstone Market, change to your hero colours.

What does the dog do in Fable 3?

For the dog in Fable III, see Dog (Fable III). The dog is intended to be an integral part of Fable II, with the goal of strengthening the player’s emotional bond with Albion. Mechanically, the dog’s function is helping the Hero find treasure chests, buried caches, and certain quest objectives.

How do you change your dog in Fable?

The DLC pack See the Future features the ability to change the players dog to a new breed. This is achieved through purchasing potions from Murgo after installing the content. Using the DLC, the player can transform their dog into a: Mutt (used to return dog back to its original state.)

What happens at the end of Fable 2?

At the end of the story, Lucien appears and takes Hammer, Garth and Reaver, leaving just the Hero, the dog, and Lucien. Lucien attempts to shoot the Hero, but the dog heroically jumps in the way and takes the shot, saving the Hero from that bullet.

What does the dog look like in vanilla fable?

In the vanilla game, a dog aligned with good would appear happy, and it would look similar to a yellow labrador. A dog aligned with evil however would be aggressive, and its paws and tail would be jet black, similar to a black lab but with glowing red eyes.