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Can you paint the outside of a refrigerator?

Can you paint the outside of a refrigerator?

Just like when painting walls, you’ll need to paint the refrigerator with a paint primer. This helps to create a really nice, smooth surface to paint on. Several brands offer two-in-one paint and primer. Then allow the paint to dry completely (usually between 4-6 hours in a well-ventilated area).

Is there paint for refrigerators?

What kind of paint can you use on a refrigerator? You can successfully paint a fridge using many kinds of paints, some work better with a primer first. Appliance epoxy (usually comes in white) and liquid stainless steel are the most commonly used.

What is the best way to clean the outside of a refrigerator?

Clean the Refrigerator Exterior Wipe down the outside of the fridge with a cloth moistened with warm, soapy water or your cleaning solution of choice. Do not forget to clean the top of the fridge. Dry with a microfiber cloth or paper towels.

How to change the color of your fridge?

Remove all items from your refrigerator and unplug it from the wall outlet. Disconnect water lines attached to the refrigerator.

  • Slide the appliance on a hand truck and take it outside to prime and paint. You may need help taking the refrigerator outdoors due to its size and weight.
  • Clean the refrigerator using warm water and liquid detergent.
  • How do you paint a refrigerator?

    Painting the Refrigerator with a Roller Choose a two-in-one paint and primer in the color of your choice. Stir the paint and pour it into a tray. Paint 3 thin coats with a foam roller, letting the paint dry between coats. Use a small, angled brush to paint hard-to-reach areas.

    Can you paint refrigerator?

    You can paint the surface of a textured refrigerator with an epoxy spray paint formulated for appliances to hide damage and retard rust. Check the weather conditions before painting to ensure temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity is below 85 percent.