Who is Town Clerk in marion ma?

Who is Town Clerk in marion ma?

Contacts Directory

Department Phone Key Contact
Town Administrator (508) 748-3520 James McGrail
Town Clerk (508) 748-3502 Lissa Magauran
Treasurer/Collector (508) 748-3504 Katherine Milligan
Veterans’ Services (508) 758-4100 ext. 212 Christopher P. Gerrior

What does a town clerk do in Massachusetts?

Responsibilities include the recording of vital records, minutes of committee meetings, copies of all town ordinances, adopted fees and changes, regulations and administrative rules, and the posting of meeting agendas and minutes. The position includes the supervision of an Assistant Town Clerk.

What does a Town Clerk do?

Town clerks are public information officers who serve as liaisons between local government and the public. They are responsible for (1) public records, (2) vital statistics, and (3) licensing. They have certain duties in connection with elections; registrars of voters are responsible for others.

What county is Marion in MA?

Plymouth County

What is the zip code for Marion Ma?

Marion/Zip codes

How long are all elected positions in the town of Arlington?

All elected positions, including Town Meeting Members, are for three-year terms.

Is Marion MA wealthy?

Marion is a rich people’s town. If you have the money for it, it is one of the best possible places to live. The school systems are very accepting of other cultures.

What towns border Marion Ma?

This is a historical and genealogical guide to the town of Marion….Border changes.

Dates Events
1 Mar. 1909 Border between Marion and Wareham established.
12 June 1939 Border between Marion and Wareham established.

How many precincts are in Arlington MA?

What happens if Arlington continues to have 21 Precincts?

What kind of licenses does Marion MA town clerk issue?

Issues state licenses and permits, including marriage licenses, business licenses (DBA’s) and renewals, dog licenses, fuel storage licenses, raffle/bazaar permits and requests for public documents.

Who is the conservation agent for Marion MA?

The Town of Marion is seeking a qualified individual to serve as the Town’s Conservation Agent on a part-time basis (19…

Is the main entrance to the Marion town house open?

Marion Town House Main Entrance Now Open! » We are pleased to share with you that the Marion Town House Main Entrance is now open and is fully handicapped… Sealed bids for construction of the Marion Roadway Improvements Project will be received by the Board of Selectmen at…