Who is the son of Chitragupta?

Who is the son of Chitragupta?

Family and Sons of Chitragupta Chitragupta Maharaj had two wives, Nandini Iravati and Shobhavati and twelve sons named: Srivastava, Surajdwaj, Valmik, Asthana, Mathur, Gaud, Bhatnagar , Saxena, Ambasht, Nigam, Karna and Kulshreshth.

Why is chitragupta puja done?

Depending on their deeds, Chitragupta serves justice after a person’s death. The day is primarily significant for the traders or business people or merchants as the occasion is believed to be the arrival of the new year. For the Chitragupta Puja, a pen and diary will be required.

What do you write in chitragupta Puja?

As part of the rituals, it is important to keep a diary and pen during the puja. There is also a tradition of distributing prasad among the devotees after the puja. Take a blank paper and write Shri Ganeshaya Namah and Om Chitragupta Namah eleven times on it.

Who celebrate Chitragupta?

The Kayastha Parivar believes in WORLD PEACE, JUSTICE, KNOWLEDGE and LITERACY, the four primary virtues depicted by the form of Shree Chitraguptjee. The community, world-wide, strives to attain these virtues and promote the same, in line with the teachings of their supreme lord.

Is Kyatriya a Kayastha?

In eastern India, Bengali Kayasthas are believed to have evolved from a class of officials into a caste between the 5th/6th centuries and 11th/12th centuries, its component elements being putative Kshatriyas and mostly Brahmins.

WHO IS Srivastava?

Srivastavas are one of the twelve sub-clans of the Chitraguptvanshi Kayasthas that were traditionally involved in record-keeping, administration and military services. The clan was influential during Ancient empires and Mughal empire in the Indian subcontinent, earning such titles as Pandit, Thakur and Lala.

How do you worship chitragupta?

Chitragupta Puja Vidhi: Place a picture of Chitragupta Maharaj on a clean platform in the auspicious time of Bhai Dooj. Offer Lord Chitragupta flowers, sweets, fruits etc. Now offer a new pen to him and worship the pen. Now write Sri Ganeshaya Namah on white paper and Om Chitragupta Namah 11 times.

How do you pray to chitragupta?

Perform the worship by putting ‘chandan’, ‘haldi’, ‘roli’, ‘akshat’, ‘doob’, ‘pushpa’ and ‘dhoop’. Then after, worship pen and ink after keeping it next to Lord Chitragupta. Then, make a swastika from ‘roli’ on a paper. Write names of different gods below the swastika.

What is the meaning of chitragupta?

(Chitragupta Pronunciations) Baby name meanings, origin and religion. Chitragupta (Sanskrit: चित्रगुप्त, ‘rich in secrets’ or ‘hidden picture’) is a Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth. He is god of justice.

How do you perform chitragupta Puja?

During the Chitragupta Puja, stationery items such as paper, pen, ink are worshipped. For the rituals, honey, betel nut, mustard, ginger, jaggery, sugar, sandalwood are used. In every Kayastha household, all the members of the family write down a mantra, their earnings and expenditure on a white sheet.

Why are Kayastha not rich?

Why are the Kayasthas generally not rich? It is believed that a goddess once appeared before a poor peasant and offered him a boon.

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