Who is the pretending to be the Mandarin in Iron Man 3?

Who is the pretending to be the Mandarin in Iron Man 3?

Trevor Slattery
“Iron Man 3” featured Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery, an actor playing the villainous Mandarin.

What happens in Iron Man 3 at the end?

Killian is killed, Pepper is saved, and Tony feels redeemed. Acknowledging Pepper’s fears regarding his obsessive nature, Tony explodes each and every one of his Iron Man suits in the most expensive fictional fireworks display on fictional record.

Does Iron Man beat the Mandarin?

Though he has his Extremis virus disabled, Iron Man defeats the Mandarin while wearing the Silver Centurion armor by tearing five of the rings out of the Mandarin’s spine, blasting him with those rings, his unibeam, and his repulsor rays at the same time and then freezing him as he is engulfed in a deadly concentrated …

Is Trevor Slattery a bad guy?

The Mandarin, also known by his real name as Trevor Slattery, is the tertiary antagonist in the movie. He is a character to hide the true main antagonist, Aldrich Killian. He was only acting for Aldrich on television and doing terrorist acts plus threats. The reason is to show as if he was a real villain and threat.

Who was the Mandarin in Iron Man 3?

The Iron Man trilogy has tried to rely on science-based foes, but Pearce’s Aldrich Killian could have come up with some sort of nanotechnological spin on the rings. While it might have been nice to keep the rings, Black’s spin on The Mandarin was unexpected and fun.

Who is the director of Iron Man 3?

We ask Iron Man 3 director Shane Black to defend his version of the Mandarin to fans who found his bold re-imagining shocking.

How much money did Iron Man 3 make?

With Iron Man 3 expected to cross the $1 billion mark by the weekend, most fans have taken to the silver screen to see for themselves how Tony Stark’s greatest foe was represented in live-action. The results were perhaps, not what Marvel fans were expecting.