Who is the owner of Generali in Spain?

Who is the owner of Generali in Spain?

Generali, in Spain since 1834, operates through Generali España, a wholly-owned subsidiary, and through two bancassurance agreements with Cajamar (Life and P&C), which guarantee the Group exposure to the major Life distribution channel and continuous expansion in P&C.

Who are the companies of Generali in India?

In India and Malaysia, Generali operates through joint venture agreements with Future Group and MPHB Capital Berhad respectively. The companies China P&C, India Life, India P&C and in Malaysia are not fully consolidated since a non-controlling interest is held.

What is the market share of Generali insurance?

Generali ranked as the market leader in terms of premium income in the individual unit-linked Life segment with a 30% market share, and was eighth in the P&C segment with a 4.4% market share. Generali does not operate in the Collective Life policies segment.

Where does the Generali Group have a presence?

The Generali Group also operates in Chile, particularly in the pension funds system, and in Ecuador. In Southern Europe, the Group has operations in Greece, where it ranks sixth with a market share in the third quarter of 2020 of 6.1%, and in Turkey, with a market share in the third quarter of 0.4%.

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