Who is better Bristol Rovers or Bristol City?

Who is better Bristol Rovers or Bristol City?

The Bristol derby is the name given to football matches played between Bristol City and Bristol Rovers (a “local derby”). The fans of each club both consider the other to be their main rivals, leading to a heated atmosphere at these matches….Bristol derby.

All-time record Bristol City: 105 Drawn: 62 Bristol Rovers: 65

Who are Bristol City rivals?

Their main rivals are Bristol Rovers, with whom they contest the Bristol derby, and Cardiff City, with whom they contest the cross-border Severnside derby.

Who has more fans Bristol City or Rovers?

The clubs’ fans are divided more by geographical than social reasons. City’s stronghold has always been in the south of Bristol, in areas such as Bedminster and Bishopsworth, with Rovers dominating the northern and eastern areas, including Eastville and Kingswood.

Why are Bristol Rovers called the gas?

“The Gas” was originally coined as a derogatory term by the supporters of Bristol Rovers’ rivals Bristol City, and was in reference to the large gas works adjacent to the old Bristol Rovers stadium, in Eastville, Bristol which wafted the sometimes overpowering odour of town gas across the crowd.

How many fans do Bristol Rovers have?

Rovers currently play at the Memorial Stadium, where they have played since August 1996. The ground was due to be demolished in late 2007 and rebuilt as an 18,500 capacity all-seater stadium….Stadium.

Dates Ground
1897-1986 Eastville Stadium
1986-1996 Twerton Park
1996-present Memorial Stadium

What are Bristol City fans called?

From the mid 1970s and for a number of very interesting reasons, some of our fans began to embrace the term gashead as being a banner name for the fans themselves and this eventually led to many of our fans in the 1990s to start referring to both our club and our team as being The Gas too and with that, there you …

Where is Bristol Rovers ground?

Memorial Stadium
Bristol Rovers F.C./Arenas/Stadiums

What was Bristol Rovers old ground called?

The Memorial Stadium
The Memorial Stadium, also commonly known by its previous name of the Memorial Ground, is a sports ground in Bristol, England, and is the home of Bristol Rovers F.C.. It opened in 1921 dedicated to the memory of local rugby union players killed during the First World War, and was the home of Bristol Bears rugby club …

Where do away fans sit at Bristol Rovers?

Away supporters are mostly housed in an open terrace, located on one side of the Poplar Insulation (East) Stand. This area is open to the elements so you might get wet if it rains, plus it is difficult for away fans to really generate some noise from this area.

Who owns Bristol City?

Stephen Lansdown
Bristol City Football Club/Owners

Where was the Bristol City and Bristol Rovers match?

This was the moment violence erupted between Bristol City and Bristol Rovers fans in the centre of Bristol less than half an hour after the end of England’s Sunday lunchtime World Cup match.

Why was there so much violence at Bristol Rovers?

Police have branded football hooligans who fought in the street with a ‘shocking level of violence’ after a Bristol Rovers match on Saturday as ‘not real football fans’. They said they would be identifying those involved and working with both clubs and Thames Valley Police to track down people responsible.

Why did Bristol City fans fight in the street?

But a stand-off is understood to have developed, and police deployed its mounted division to chase one group down Park Street and across College Green, according to Cllr Mark Bradshaw, who was an eye-witness to the aftermath. He told Bristol Live: “Police officers told us they had caught a suspect.

What was the name of the Bristol Rovers hooligan group?

At one point, the Rovers fans can be clearly heard chanting ‘GHS’ – which is an abbreviation of the ‘Gas Hit Squad’ Bristol Rovers hooligan group. What appears to be the most serious violence involves a man in a blue shirt, who uses a large pole or stick to strike a man in a white shirt, who has already been hit by a flying bar stool.