Where is hammertown located?

Where is hammertown located?

Johnson Valley
Hammertown, is the central meeting place during King of The Hammers week. It is located on Mean’s Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, CA. The address for most GPS Units is: Boone Rd Landers, CA 92285. You can also type “King of the Hammers” into Google Maps and it will direct you there!

How much does it cost to enter King of The Hammers?

They are $30 online for pre-order, $40 in person at the gate. Kids 10 and under are free as always. The price is good for one day or the entire week. Military discounts are available only at the gate with Military ID.

Where can I watch King of The Hammers 2021?

Follow all of the race day action from the 2021 King of the Hammers right here via free livestream with 14 hours of coverage from Johnson Valley, California of the ultimate desert race. Streaming begins at 8 a.m. PT this Saturday, February 6, and will be accessible on the day from the RACER.com homepage.

Is King of The Hammers happening in 2021?

2021 Hammers Week Schedule The annual King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire will be the largest to date with an expanded Vendor show, and additional entertainment. The event will take place during the first week of February and the main race will be held on Saturday, February 6th, 2021.

Where should I stay for King of the Hammers?

Hotel Accomomadations: The closest hotel location to King of The Hammers is Yucca Valley. We recommend the Best Western in Yucca Valley. Local Grocery and Gas Stations: The two closest towns to The Hammers are Lucerne Valley and Yucca Valley.

How big is hammertown?

188,000 acre
The 188,000 acre OHV area is open during the week long King of the Hammers event to visitors from across the world.

How do you qualify for King of the Hammers?

To pre-qualify you must have gained an entry spot at either the previous year’s KOH; at one of the previous year’s Regional Series races; at the previous year’s Nitto Tire National Championships; be a previous KOH winner; be an OG entrant (one of the original 13 drivers who started the inaugural race); or have an entry …

What is an Ultra 4?

Ultra4 Race Classes These purpose-built race trucks have all the latest technology as well as engines putting out well over 700 hp. These vehicles can do well over 100 mph in the open desert and also climb near vertical piles of boulders. Besides requiring four-wheel drive, this class is unlimited.

Where can I watch King of hammers?

King of The Hammers to Be Aired on NBC & CBS Sports | Ultra4 Racing.

What is King of the Hammers 2021?

King of the Hammers (KOH) kicked off 2021 as the first major off-road race show of the year! This popular 10-day 4×4 experience is held annually during the first week of February. Means Day Lake in Johnson Valley, CA is host to hundreds of race teams and thousands of spectators ready for dirt adventures.

Who won King of the Hammers 2021?

Randy Slawson
Randy Slawson crosses the finish line to win the 2021 King of the Hammers off-road race on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2021, in the Johnson Valley OHV Area. Slawson previously won the race in 2013 and 2015 with Michael Slawson.

Where can I camp in King of the Hammers?

King of the Hammers main camp takes place off Boone Road and is the southernmost entrance to the JVOHV area. Off Highway 247 in the town of Johnson Valley. Base camp or “Hammertown” is located on means Dry lake bed. Because of the number of routes into the park please be aware of your surroundings at all times.