Where can I find solutions pest and lawn?

Where can I find solutions pest and lawn?

Or visit our locations in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. Solutions Pest & Lawn has everything you need to start tackling every issue from occasional ants to a full-blown roach infestation. We can walk you through the best way to deal with pests and then make sure that you have the right chemicals for the job.

Do you need pest control supplies for your home?

When resolving issues with pests in or around your home, you need reliable pest control supplies. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, all of our products are the same products that professionals use and we offer all of the tools and supplies you need to use them safely and effectively.

How can DIY pest control help you save money?

When you face a pest control or lawn care issue, count on DIY pest control as a way to help you save money and prevent infestations before they even begin! Not only are our products the same ones that professionals use, but you can also save money when you choose the option of do it yourself pest control.

How many J & J exterminating locations in Louisiana?

We Guarantee Our Service and Offer Unlimited Call-Backs, 365 Days A Year. With 14 Locations, J&J Exterminating is Louisiana’s largest independently-owned pest control company. For over 60 years we have provided trusted and effective pest control for families and businesses, along with exceptional customer service.

Why are J & J exterminating products FDA regulated?

J&J Exterminating products are AIB Certified as well as USDA Governmental FDA Regulated. Rodents can be a major issue in any commercial setting, costing lost revenue and customers. They serve as vectors for disease as they are able to carry bacteria in their systems and transmit it elsewhere.

How many tons of scrap can 3tek process?

3TEK has a world class product offering of made in USA, high-quality, innovative scrap processing equipment that includes mobile and stationary hammer mill shredders and downstream sorting systems. Our product focus is on the small to medium producer whose processing is up to 100,000 tons/year.

Where is 3tek made in the United States?

The 3TEK product line is made entirely in the USA at its Dallas, TX and Columbia, SC locations. Repair and wear parts are housed in these same locations. Capable, timely service technicians can travel anywhere to meet customer needs.