When did s2 of The 100 come out?

When did s2 of The 100 come out?

October 22, 2014
On May 8, 2014, The CW renewed The 100 for a second season, which premiered on October 22, 2014.

What happens in season 2 of The 100?

The epic second season picks up with the group still scattered and desperate to be reunited. As members of The 100 and new arrivals from the Ark stake out their place in a dangerous and beautiful new world, they are confronted with the physical peril and moral dilemmas that come with reforging society.

Why did Clarke kill Bellamy?

In season 7, episode 13 titled “Blood Giant,” Bellamy was shot by Clarke after he refused to hand over Clarke’s adopted daughter Madi’s notebook of drawings of the future, which he believed would help build a better world.

Is there a season 2 of hundred anime?

Season 2 of Hundred is yet to be renewed. If the series does get renewed, it should return sometime in 2021, most likely in the fall of 2021 since the summer and spring 2021 lineup is almost over. The anime received an average response from the audience, so season 2 is probably not the studios’ top priority.

Why does Clarke leave in Season 2?

Unfortunately, Clarke was left behind in order to save her friends and suffered from severe radiation poisoning. However, she survived due to her Nightblood.

Did Clarke actually kill Bellamy?

So in one of the biggest twists of the entire series, Clarke shot and killed Bellamy in order to save Madi. His loss is devastating, but his life and his endless love for his people will loom large and affect everything that comes after, to the very end of the series finale, itself.

Who does Hayato end up with?

Since learning of Emilia’s true identity as a girl, Hayato and Emilia begin to grow more closer and eventually, Hayato falls in love with Emilia and have even gone on a date and Hayato personally bought her a necklace.

When is new season of the 100?

Premiere Date For Season 6 of The 100. The 100 Season 6 is just around the corner. CW has announced the premiere date for the new season of the show. The first episode of Season 6 of The 100 will premiere on 30th April 2019.

When does the 100 return?

It first premiered in March 2014, then October 2014, then January 2016, and then in February of this year. If The CW keeps a similar schedule to the one used for this past season, fans can expect The 100 to return around Feb. 7, 2018, though there’s no guarantee.

Was the 100 canceled?

The CW’s hit TV show The 100 has had a great Season 6. In fact, some think that Season 6 might be the best season the show has had for a few seasons. But now devastated fans have learned that it’s not going to last. The show has been canceled and Season 7 – next season – will be the show’s final season. Aug 4 2019