What was the last question Franky Ask Brook?

What was the last question Franky Ask Brook?

Franky ends by asking Brook what promise he made to his crew that was so important. Brook explains that a long time ago, his crew left one of their nakama behind at a certain place, with a promise to absolutely return.

Is Brook immortal one piece?

He isn’t immortal, he said that in an earlier chapter, his body has to be destroyed for him to die. The power is to be reborn ONCE and only once, so a second death results in complete death.

Does Brook fulfill his promise?

Fifty years later, being the only survivor left in his crew, Brook joins the Straw Hats to fulfill his former crew’s promise.

Did Luffy fulfill his promise to Laboon?

After the battle (which Luffy called a draw), Luffy promised Laboon that he would return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch, which moved Laboon to tears of joy.

Could Brook eat a second devil fruit?

Brook cannot have another Devil Fruit, unless Oda-sensei’s hyper-creative imagination provides him a loophole.

Why is Brook depressed in one piece one piece?

Brook is depressed, but will not die because he believes that “death is not an apology.” He refers to this because his former crew, the Rumbar Pirates abandoned Laboon and never returned. Brook later returns with the Straw Hat Pirates to fulfill his promise.

How did Brook from one piece get his nickname?

These nicknames of his fencing style were given to him by his previous crew, and nothing else has been spoken of his past, before he joined the Rumbar Pirates. Fifty-two years ago, Brook was a part of Yorki ‘s pirate crew, the Rumbar Pirates, as one of the many musicians that comprised most of the crew.

How does Brook come back to life after death?

Brook’s Devil Fruit, the Yomi Yomi no Mi, has the power to revive the eater after death once, which allowed Brook to come back to life after his death. The fruit’s energy is what keeps his soul bound to his skeletal body, keeping it intact. If one of Brook’s limbs or head is removed, the fruit’s power will instantly reattach it.

Who are the main characters in one piece?

Brook is one of the main characters from the manga series One Piece, written by Eiichiro Oda. Brook was once the captain of a fencing squad in a far away kingdom, which is where he learned his signature fighting style. He eventually ended up leaving to join the Rumbar Pirates, a pirate crew led by a man named Yorki.