What was Texas like as it celebrated its centennial?

What was Texas like as it celebrated its centennial?

Texas built nine architecturally stunning memorial museums, commissioned 20 bronze statues (some stylistically controversial), erected 45 monuments (many in the modern Art Deco or Nouveau styles), restored 16 historic sites, made park improvements, and built community centers—whew!

What did Dallas do for Centennial?

… on how Dallas prepared for the celebration: “The buildings that were built at Fair Park — they incorporated the buildings that were previously here and built for the State Fair and those buildings, some of them dated back to 1905, all received an art deco makeover by the centennial architect George Dahl.

Was there a World’s Fair in Dallas?

The Centennial Exposition in Dallas was heralded as the first World’s Fair held in the Southwest. It ran from June 6 to November 29, 1936, and again from June 12 to October 31, 1937. The festival’s most visited attraction was the “Cavalcade of Texas,” a pageant of Texas history.

When was Texas’s 100th anniversary?

The 100th anniversary of Texas statehood was commemorated by a 3-cent blue stamp issued on December 29, 1945. The Republic of Texas was established in 1836 in the aftermath of a rebellion against Mexican authority.

What year did Texas celebrate its centennial birthday in Dallas?

Texans celebrated the 100th anniversary of Texas independence from June 6 through November 29, 1936. The Dallas exposition included 50 exhibit buildings, the hit performance “Cavalcade of Texas,” dozens of star performers, and theatrical presentations that captivated over six million visitors.

Where is Centennial Texas?

Panola County
Centennial is located on FM 123 in Panola County on the Keatchie-Marshall Highway, west of the Louisiana state line. Centennia is latitude 32.226 and longitude -94.065. Its elevation is 328 feet.

What was the area before it was a fair park?

History. The site was established as an 80-acre (32 ha) fairground on the outskirts of East Dallas for the Dallas State Fair in 1886. After a fire and financial loss by the fair association in 1904, voters approved the “Reardon Plan.” It became Dallas’ second public park, known as “Fair Park.”

What impact did World War II have on Texas Industries?

War-related industry lured farmers, small-town residents and others into developing urban centers. Many workers were women, and many were other than Caucasian. Texas quickly became more urban than rural, with a net population growth of 33 percent, and the Great Depression faded into memory.

When was the last time the State Fair of Texas was closed?

Starts the last Friday of September and lasts 24 days. The State Fair of Texas is an annual state fair held in Dallas at historic Fair Park….Staff compensation.

Name Title 2017 Salary
Errol McKoy Former President $42,599

What does centennial mean what year did Texas celebrate it’s centennial?

The Texas Centennial, marking 100 years of Texas independence, was officially celebrated in 1936, although local observances began in 1935 and the Central Centennial Exposition in Dallas and the Frontier Centennial in Fort Worth continued through 1937.

How Old Is Fair Park Dallas?

Fair Park was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1986. Fair Park covers 277-acres just east of downtown Dallas. Its cultural, historical and entertainment venues play host to visitors from around the world every day of the year. The park opened in 1886 with what was called the Dallas State Fair.

Why was fair park built?

Where was the Texas Centennial Exposition held in 1936?

Texas Centennial Exposition. The Texas Centennial Exposition was a world’s fair presented June 6 – November 29, 1936, at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. A celebration of the 100th anniversary of Texas ‘s independence from Mexico in 1836, it also celebrated Texas and Western American culture.

When was the 100th anniversary of Texas independence?

Texas Centennial Exposition flag celebrating the 100th anniversary of Texas independence. The Texas Centennial Exposition was held at Fair Park in Dallas, June 6 – November 29, 1936.

Why was Dallas chosen to host the Texas Centennial Exposition?

Three Texas cities (Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio) competed to host the exposition, with Dallas receiving the nod from the Texas Centennial Commission because it offered the largest cash commitment ($7,791,000), the existing facilities of the State Fair of Texas, and a strong group of leaders.