What supplies did pioneers take on the Oregon Trail?

What supplies did pioneers take on the Oregon Trail?

They took preserved foods such as hard tack, coffee, bacon, rice, beans, and flour. They also took a few basic cooking utensils such as a coffee pot, some buckets, and an iron skillet. The pioneers didn’t have room for a lot of fancy items. They only had room to pack two or three sets of tough clothing.

What supplies would pioneers take with them?

Two hundred pounds of flour, thirty pounds of pilot bread, seventy-five pounds of bacon, ten pounds of rice, five pounds of coffee, two pounds of tea, twenty-five pounds of sugar, half a bushel of dried beans, one bushel of dried fruit, two pounds of saleratus, ten pounds of salt, half a bushel of corn meal; and it is …

What tools did people bring on the Oregon Trail?

Certain accessories and tools for making emergency repairs to a wagon were necessary to bring along. These included rope, brake chains, a wagon jack, extra axles and tongues, wheel parts, axes, saws, hammers, knives, and a sturdy shovel.

What did settlers use on the Oregon Trail?

Fur Trappers Lay Down The Oregon Trail From about 1811-1840 the Oregon Trail was laid down by traders and fur trappers. It could only be traveled by horseback or on foot. By the year 1836, the first of the migrant train of wagons was put together.

What did pioneers eat on the trail?

The mainstays of a pioneer diet were simple fare like potatoes, beans and rice, hardtack (which is simply flour, water, 1 teaspoon each of salt and sugar, then baked), soda biscuits (flour, milk, one t. each of carbonate of soda and salt), Johnny cakes, cornbread, cornmeal mush, and bread.

Did pioneers sleep in their wagons?

Some pioneers did sleep in their wagons. Some did camp on the ground—either in the open or sheltered under the wagon. But many used canvas tents. Despite the romantic depictions of the covered wagon in movies and on television, it would not have been very comfortable to travel in or sleep in the wagon.

What did the pioneers bring on the Oregon Trail?

Many also brought along a cow for milking purposes. Milk could also be churned into butter by simply hanging it in pails beneath the bumpy wagon. By the end of the day fresh butter would be ready. A wagon in process of being loaded with supplies for the trek west on display at the Trail Center.

What should I pack for the Oregon Trail?

Your modern-day supply list should include comfortable hiking shoes and layers of casual clothing that will protect you from the same elements the pioneers experienced – cooler temps in the spring and fall and blazing summer sun. Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray.

What kind of food did the pioneer people eat?

packed plenty of dried goods, including dried meats, sugar, molasses, salt, and spices, as well as flour, cornmeal, oats, dried apples, coffee and tea. Top on the pioneer food list was dried

What did the pioneers bring to the fur trappers?

Top on the pioneer food list was dried meat. They brought 75 pounds of bacon! This was The provision list below is what those fur trappers recommended. Following is an actual provision list. half a bushel of corn (about 14 pounds). The bucket of dent was opposed to alcohol). To extend whiskey, pioneers would add molasses to the drink.