What show has the Spiderman theme song?

What show has the Spiderman theme song?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. “Spider-Man” is the theme song of the 1967 cartoon show Spider-Man, composed by Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris.

Who did the 90s Spiderman theme song?

Joe Perry
While the opening theme was done by Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Shuki Levi, the rest of the music was composed by Levy, Kussa Mahchi, and Udi Harpaz.

Who sang the original Spiderman theme song?

Michael Bublé
Spider-Man Theme/Artists

Who wrote the original Spiderman theme song?

J. Robert Harris
Paul Francis Webster
Spider-Man Theme/Composers

Who composed Spider-Man 2?

Danny Elfman
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Which is the best Spiderman cartoon?

The 10 Best Animated Spider-Man Shows, Ranked According To IMDb

  1. 1 The 90s Spider-Man Animated Series Is A Classic (8.4)
  2. 2 The Spectacular Spider-Man Was Axed Before Its Time (8.2)
  3. 3 The 60s Spider-Man Cartoon Has Become Iconic (7.4)
  4. 4 Ultimate Spider-Man Leaned Heavily Into Humour (7.2)

What was the original Spider-Man cartoon?

Grantray-Lawrence Animation produced the first season, and seasons two and three were produced by Krantz Films in New York City. The series aired Saturday mornings from September 9, 1967, to June 14, 1970….Spider-Man (1967 TV series)

Distributor ARP Films
Original network ABC
Original release September 9, 1967 – June 14, 1970

Who scored Spiderman?

Spider-Man: Original Motion Picture Score is the soundtrack for the film of the same name directed by Sam Raimi composed by Danny Elfman. It was released on June 4, 2002. The score combines traditional orchestration, ethnic percussion and electronic elements. The score was released on Sony’s own record label.

Who is the bad guy in Spider-Man 2?

Dr. Otto Octavius
The main villain in this film is Dr. Otto Octavius, who turns insane following a failed experiment and the death of his wife. Using his mechanical tentacles, Octavius is dubbed “Doctor Octopus” and threatens to endanger the lives of the people of New York City.