What is the description and used by processor family of Socket 940?

What is the description and used by processor family of Socket 940?

Socket 940 is a 940-pin socket for 64-bit AMD Opteron server processors and AMD Athlon 64 FX consumer processors. This socket is entirely square in shape and pins are arranged in a grid with the exception of four key pins used to align the processor and the corners.

Which CPU families use socket AM3 +?

AM3+ is a modification of the AM3 Socket, released in mid-2011, designed for CPUs which use the AMD Bulldozer microarchitecture and retains compatibility with AM3 processors. The Vishera line of AMD CPUs also all use Socket AM3+.

Where is the CPU socket?

Depending on the processor, those pins are either on the socket or on the underside of the CPU itself. For AMD, the pins are on the CPU, while the socket is a set of holes that the CPU slots into. Intel, meanwhile, leaves the pins on the motherboard, and the CPU has a set of contacts on the underside of the processor.

Which is faster AMD Socket 939 or AM2?

Socket AM2 is a socket with 940 pin-holes, and it’s not compatible with socket 939 or older 940. Socket AM2 added support for DDR2 memory, which at this time (Nov 2006) may be as twice as fast as DDR1 memory used by socket 939 processors. Faster access to memory results in slightly faster CPU performance.

Is the AM2 socket compatible with Socket 754?

Processors designed for Sockets 754, 939, and 940 include DDR memory controllers and are not pin compatible with Socket AM2. Sockets 939, 940, and AM2 support HyperTransport v2.0, which limits most processors to a 1 GHz FSB.

What kind of memory does Socket 940 support?

The socket supports dual-channel DDR SDRAM memory controller and three 800 MHz HyperTransport links. The socket became obsolete with the release of Second Generation Opteron family, which utilized socket AM2 for 1-way microprocessors, and socket F (1207) for 2-way and 4-way microprocessors.

Can a Socket AM2 processor run on an AM2 + motherboard?

You can install Socket AM2 processors in Socket AM2+ motherboards. You can install Socket AM3 or AM2+ processors in Socket AM2 motherboards; however, the BIOS must support the processor, the FSB will run at lower HT 2.0 speeds, and only DDR2 memory is supported.